Finding Creative Ways For Your Kids To Be Active And Enjoy Outside!

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Back When I was little, we spent all day, everyday outside. You couldn’t get me to stay in the house longer than 5 minutes, unless my brother agreed to play dolls with me- which was rare. Outside was the place to be. There were tons of kids in my neighborhood so we would play tag, hide and go seek, ride bikes, roller blade, etc. We even had a playground right around the block from our house so we spent tons of time there too. Those days seem to be in the past now though because I struggle to get my kiddos to unglue from the TV, phones, or tablets. A recent study shows that the majority of kids are not meeting the recommended levels of physical activity each day.There are tons of ways to get out and be active, but it greatly varies depending on what your kiddo likes. Here are a few tips to break the cycle and discover the world of physical activity around you.

Limit Screen Time

Don’t get me wrong, I love electronics. Electronics have created a whole new way to connect with the world and make it easy for our kids to learn. Both of my kids have phones and tablets, but I like to monitor the activity and know what they are up to. I also like to limit screen time, especially during the week. Limiting screen time opens up time for my kids to discover something else and I usually encourage something outside.

Be An Example

Kids learn by example so I always try to set a positive example or them and being active is no different. This can be done in a variety of ways. We have a treadmill at home so I often use that in the mornings before I go to work. I noticed that my daughter became interested so now that’s time we share together. Sometimes we log progress and sometimes we just take turns seeing who can go the longest. Make it fun! Don’t have a treadmill at home? That’s ok- Get out and walk the neighborhood, take your dog on a walk together, ride bikes together, go to the park, or play ball in the yard. Bounce on a trampoline together in the backyard! There are 16ft trampolines online, big enough for both of you to enjoy! The world is your oyster and you should explore it! Whatever you decide to do- do it together!

Get Involved In Community Events

Depending on where you live, some communities always have events going on. Our home town always has events and many are open to the public. You can get involved in community events such as visiting your local farmers market, doing 5k races, block parties, local festivals. You could walk around and clean up your local parks, your neighborhood, or volunteer at a local animal shelter to walk dogs. Not only will these activities get you out and active, but they also benefit your community. That’s a double win! This is my daughter’s favorite way to be active. She loves animals so we often volunteer at the local shelters. It’s a way to get out and be active together while also loving and caring for an animal.

Get involved In Sports
Sports can be a great way to get your kids out and active. As long as your kid doesn’t ride the bench, they will get plenty of exercise by getting involved in a sport that they love. My 17 year old loves sports so this became our go to activity. We let him participate in as many sports as he wanted, as long as he maintained good grades. This seemed to be the golden star for him. He runs track, plays basketball, and is now showing a small interest in football. let your kids explore sports. They’ll never know for sure if they like it until they get out on the field and give it a shot.

Get New Outside Toys and Equipment

Depending on the age of your children, outside toys can greatly vary. You can get items such as these climbing toys for toddlers, a sandbox, bounce houses, and more. Older kids may also enjoy trampolines, bikes, and skates. You can even get a small swing set or create an obstacle course.

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