Feeling Protected During These Uncertain Times: 8 Tips to Navigate the Next Lockdown

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It is undeniable that this holiday season will be a particular one. We won’t be able to take that long-haul vacation to a Caribbean destination as we had planned, and we will need to limit the number of guests invited to our Christmas dinners. With all that is happening, it is possible for anybody to feel left unprotected, fragile, and anxious. 

While these are all understandable feelings to have during these times, it is important to take action and thrive through the hard times ahead. Indeed, even if the next months seem to be bringing only challenges, there are also opportunities that are there, up for grab. Here is what you can do to feel safe and protected, so you can start focusing on your next idea!

Start a New Mindful Practice

A lot comes from within, and starting a mindful practice such as yoga or meditation can help you rediscover and explore your connection with your body and mind. These practices have been seen to be extremely helpful in reducing feelings of anxiety and stress, and they offer you a practical tool for you to use every time you feel overwhelmed by emotions. While it might take you some more time to implement them in your routine, they are a natural alternative to medical treatments – and they work instantly!

Take Up a New (and Safe) Hobby

Hobbies can help you occupy your free time in a way that is constructive and entertaining. Whether you have opted for a hobby that helps you focus your mind or for a more physical activity that allows your mind to wander, you should try to keep up your new routine! And if you have been looking for the perfect hobby to keep yourself busy during these times, there are so many that are safe, suitable for the winter times, and infinitely relaxing!

Make Sure You Always Know How to Call In an Emergency

Emergencies can happen, and they can be made even more severe by the social distancing measures and travel restrictions in place. Indeed, even if it has been normal for you to get in touch with your friends and family if something had gone wrong, now you need to have the number of a professional at hand. This is crucial to ensure that you get professional help at the moment in which you need it the most. 

Nonetheless, finding the right expert for your needs can be difficult, especially if you are about to put matters of vital importance in their hands. So, for example, researching in advance to hire a personal injury lawyer when you need it the most can help you count on the help of someone you have learned more about, and you can trust. 

Keep in Touch With Who Matters the Most

Creating solid connections with the ones around you is extremely important, especially during these times; they might not always be able to offer you the practical help you need, but they can offer emotional and psychological support. And, most of the time, this is everything you need to feel safe and protected, or it can even help you deal better with the feelings of grief you have been experiencing.

The current social distancing measures have made it incredibly hard for individuals to look after the relationships that matter the most. However, technology, this time, is on our side! So, making regular appointments with your friends for a weekly catch up or socially-distanced tea and cake can make all the difference. 

Helping Others Can Help You Feel Better

During these hard times, it is undeniable that a large group of the population might not be doing as well as others. So, deciding to help these people, providing food, drinks, and help, can give you a sense of purpose that might be difficult to find during these times. Additionally, such meaningful actions have been seen to be extremely helpful in making yourself feel happier and more at ease. Get in touch with a local charity and find out how you can safely help today!

Learn Something New Every Day

Learning something new is an extremely important aspect of our lives and can help us keep sharp and smart throughout the years. Of course, in normal times, your career, kids, responsibilities, errands, and housekeeping tasks make it almost impossible to dedicate an hour to learning something new. However, now, the lockdown has given us the chance to work from home and find a better work-life balance.

So, you can now use the time you have saved from not having to endure your daily commute to learning a new skill, piece of knowledge, or even trivia! This is also an excellent way to keep yourself sharp and exploit your passions.

Give Your Career an Interesting Turn

One of the aspects that have been worrying and stressing professionals around the world is the fact that many jobs are at risk due to the international economic situation. However, the pandemic has sped up many processes, such as remote working and managing teams through online platforms. If you have been feeling like your jobs are at risk – and you have started to worry about what you might be doing next – find out more about the opportunities that, for how slim, have been sprouting during the pandemic. You might find that there is another career path you might enjoy or another job you are better at. Explore your opportunities!

Don’t Be Intimidated to Reach Out for Professional Help.

Sometimes, the help and support we receive from the ones around us can help us feel much safer and protected. However, in some other cases, you might need to speak to a professional. While this choice has always been seen as controversial, you should not think twice about asking for an expert’s help. 

What is truly important when making this choice is researching the person you wish to consult. Indeed, while you will be able to find the support you need, it is crucial to find out whether a professional is suited for your personality and personal goals. Don’t be afraid to spend time researching and treating yourself to the best support you can find – it will pay you back in motivation and confidence to start something new!

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