Family Shopping Trip Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid

Every parent has struggled with a family shopping trip at one time or another. It’s one of those things that is simply assumed. So what can be done to ensure you don’t keep falling into the same traps and watching your shopping trip turn into a disaster and a chore. Something as simple as this shouldn’t take up so much of your time and energy as a parent, so change needs to come fast.


It’s all about knowing what you’re getting into and how it might go wrong if you prepare in the wrong way. It’s partly about making sure that the behaviour of your kids is good, but there’s much more to a success family shopping trip than that alone, so don’t assume otherwise. By giving more thought to this task, you’ll make your family a lot less likely to experience shopping difficulties.


So without further ado, it’s time to start looking at some of the big mistakes parents make when they head out on a shopping trip with their kids. Be sure to make the most of what you learn and start avoiding these mistakes going forward.


Not Providing Incentives For Your Kids


If your children have a reason for wanting to get around the shop as quickly as possible in a well-behaved manner, that’s got to be a good thing for you. So don’t forget to give them some kind of incentive for good behaviour. They’ll then find it much easier to behave in the way you want them to. That incentive could be anything you like, just make sure they really want it.


Failing to Set Rules Beforehand


An incentive alone is clearly not enough though. You also need to make sure that you have set the rules beforehand so that your children know exactly what is expected of them. You can’t expect them to behave in the right way if you’re not clear about what good behaviour should look like on this trip. This should all be done before you even leave the house too.


Not Setting the Right Examples


As a parent, everything you do has the possibility to set an example for your kids. So why not show they the efficient and cost-effective way to shop? You don’t want your kids to grow up taking things for granted or believing that money’s no object. That kind of attitude will only hamper them in life, so show them that finding a good deal is important. You could even make them part of this process.


Forgetting to Make a List


Everyone should set out for a family shopping trip soaked with a shopping list. If you don’t have one of these, your stress levels will only increase even further, which is not what you need. Be sure to cover everything because you’re much less likely to rely on impulse buying habits when you have a solid list to stick to. It’s a small piece of planning, but it’s one that can benefit you a great deal.


Supermarket Aisle Tantrums


The dreaded supermarket aisle tantrum is something every parent has to deal with at least once. It’s kind of like a parenting initiation ceremony. You’re not really a parent until you’ve been forced to deal with a situation like this. The best way to do it is to stay calm and measured, and don’t react to your child’s behaviour. Doing so will only reaffirm and reinforce their actions up to that point.


Giving Into the Tantrums


If the tantrum was sparked by a specific thing that they wanted you to buy for them, you need to hold firm. Show them that this kind of behaviour doesn’t not get rewarded in any way at all. One of the biggest mistakes parents make is giving into tantrum demands.


Falls and Hazards


When you’re trying to shop and you have your kids running around you, it’s easy for accidents to happen. That’s why you need to keep them engaged while you shop. Give them tasks to do, such as fetching certain foods, as long as they’re old enough for that. But what about falls and hazards strike through the fault of the store? Firms like Lane & Lane can help you get justice after an incident like that; you can see their recent case settlements online. You just need to try and stay alert so any such problems can be averted.


Coming Out With Less Than You Went in With


There are so many things you can lose along the way when you go shopping with your family. Your kids could take things out of your handbag when they’re sitting in the trolley and throw them on the floor, for example. That’s the last thing you need. You don’t want to go out of the shop without things that you came in with. That’ll only cause you more problems. So make sure you keep an eye on what your kids are doing and what they’re touching while they’re around your stuff and inside the trolley.


Failing to Remember What You Put in the Basket and What Your Kids Put There


This is something that many parents accidentally waste money on each time they go shopping with their kids. You can’t forget that your children can be very clever and crafty when it comes to getting what they want. If they find ways to get what they want in ways that don’t involve having to ask for it, they’ll go for it. That’s why you need to be careful to check your basket or trolley when you’re unloading at the till. If you don’t, you’ll end up spending on things you never wanted.


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Shopping with your whole family is often a nightmare scenario, but it’s also a necessary evil for lots of families who don’t have any other option. With the right discipline and an awareness of the things that people so often get wrong, you can make all your future family shopping trips more painless and maybe even enjoyable.


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