Easy Ways To Keep The Kids Entertained In The Summer Of 2020

As you know well, this has been one of the toughest years in history due to the Coronavirus. We’ve experienced being locked indoors, the closure of our favourite places, face masks, the unfortunate loss of loved ones, and in general, a terrifying and strange time for the entire planet. Now that numbers are easing a little, and many of us are beginning to adapt to the ‘new normality’, it’s time to start enjoying the summer with the kids! Here are some easy ways to keep the kids entertained in the summer of 2020!

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

Get them outside!

Perhaps one of the worst parts of COVID is being stuck inside and becoming bored very quickly, so get the kids out of the house! Don’t worry; we get it – kids might not fancy the idea of a nice long walk, so make it exciting for them! You could create an ‘eye-spy’ game for the duration of your journey, or even motivate them by challenging them to reach a destination before you can count to ten. Alternatively, you could dig out their tablets and allow them to catch Pokemon they’ve not had the chance to yet. You can get a Prepaid Bill to give them the data they need to roam and get that all-important exercise!

Reconnect them with their friends

Children thrive around their friends, and even as adults, it’s been difficult not to be able to connect with our friends and families as much as we’d like to. You could set up a zoom call with their friends regularly and allow them to reconnect with them. Alternatively, you could set up a meeting in an open space while maintaining a distance so that they can play in the fresh air.

Redecorate their bedrooms 

Over lockdown there’s a high chance your children have spent a lot of time in their bedrooms, so why not use this time to redecorate? This doesn’t have to be an expensive renovation, either! Why not let them choose a colour to repaint their walls in, or choose their favourite character to base their new bedroom on. There are plenty of cheap and easy decorating ideas on Pinterest, but alternatively, you could let your creative side flow!

Let them choose!

It’s hard to please everyone, so instead of trying to find activities that you ‘hope’ everyone will enjoy, you could try letting your children choose what to do. Give them a day each to choose an activity or outing (obviously within your budget) and see where it takes you! You’ll probably be surprised at some of the choices your children come up with! Spontaneity can turn what might seem like a dull day into one of the biggest adventures with your children!

Lockdown has been difficult for everyone, and the thought of finding things to keep your children entertained can be daunting. Just remember that as long as your children are healthy, well-fed and warm, you’re doing a fantastic job! Enjoy the summer of 2020!

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