Don’t Waste Your Time When You Are Between Jobs

You can look at losing your job in two ways. You could view it as a complete disaster that is going to ruin you and your family financially and lead to a lifetime of debt. Or you can view it as an opportunity. It could be a time when you get your life in order and launch a whole new, and highly successful, career that earns you a lot more money that you were earning before.

If you choose to view this time in your life with optimism and positivity then you could soon be on your way to your next job and your first big paycheck!


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Look into a change of career

Did you even like the job that you just lost? Perhaps it is time that you considered a change of career? Take this opportunity to re-assess where your career is going and plan for a change. It is not unusual for people to change careers several times over their working life.

If you have a talent for caring for sick people or children, you may be very fulfilled by switching to a caring profession? You can even access training from home.

Get your debts in order and earn some cash

You do not have to have a job to earn some cash! There are plenty of jobs that you can do from home that will give you some cash to get you by whilst you are preparing for your next job. Companies are always on the lookout for website testers this is something that you can do from the comfort of your own home. It is also easy to get some cash by completing surveys, blogging and even selling a digital product such as an ebook.

You could offer to babysit or pet sit for people in your neighborhood. It may even be possible to take in a lodger who can help to pay the rent but check your tenancy agreement first.

In the meantime, eliminate all of your unsecured financial obligations by contacting Nationwide Debt Direct. You can take advantage of this fastest and least expensive option to get you out of debt without filing bankruptcy. Then, once you start earning good money again, there will be no long-term problems for your future finances.

Look at your household expenditure. Are there any ways in which you could save money in the short-term? Perhaps you could sell your car and use public transport or cut down on gas and electricity bills. Batch cooking and freezing food is the most cost-effective way to feed your family when money is tight.

Get some useful work experience

A lack of experience may be preventing you from getting the job you want. It is easy to rectify whilst you are between jobs. Look up voluntary organizations that offer roles that will give you the experience that you need. Research if any local organizations offer work experiences or internships.

It is better to offer your skills for free than to sit around doing nothing. It shows potential employers that you have used your time off effectively, are resourceful and are eager to learn.

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