Does This Workplace Feel Safe To You?

Having employees is an amazing feeling. Isn’t that what entrepreneurial dreams are made of? Suddenly, it isn’t you, alone in your office. You have a team. That means company, and help with anything that comes your way. And, you no longer have to eat all the biscuits. That’s got to be a good thing, right?

But, you can’t just shove a group of people together and expect them to care about what you’re doing. If you want to keep your employees happy, you have to put in a little effort. You need to show appreciation, and understand they have lives outside the company. You also need to play by the rules when it comes to pay, holiday, and breaks. And, it’s essential that you keep security in mind at all times.

Most bosses know that health and safety is crucial from a legal standpoint. Without the correct safety procedures in place, you could face legal action, and even closure. But, safety goes deeper than that. It’s at the root of how well your workforce operate. Nobody can work when they don’t feel safe. And, nor should they have to. With that in mind, turn your attention to the following pointers to ensure your staff feel as safe as possible.

Security they can see

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Having a security system is commonsense in any business. If you’re keeping money or expensive equipment on site, you need to know it’s protected. And, the only way to ensure that is to install alarms, and CCTV cameras like those provided by WestView Technologies. That way, you can rest easy that your assets are secure. On a more fundamental level, a visible security presence will help put colleagues at ease. They can also rest easy that they have a direct line to the emergency services. And, they’ll know that cameras can pick up on any unusual activity without them having to put themselves at risk.

A procedure they can follow

Security cameras aren’t going to help if a burglar barges in with a gun. At least, not straight away. As such, it’s important to put a security procedure in place. It’s also worth briefing all new colleagues, and doing regular test runs. This could include anything, from safe words, to stressing the importance of handing over whatever thieves ask for. Just make sure your staff know how to act if the worst happens. Knowing they have this to fall back on will be a huge help.


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Workplace risks don’t always come from outside. If staff feel unsafe because of inhouse bullying, or inappropriate behavior, cameras won’t help. In this instance, it’s essential you offer a confidential ear, and take appropriate action. If staff feel that you’ll leak their name to those involved, they won’t come to you. Instead, ensure that you keep their identity hidden. Ensure, too, that you don’t do anything to reveal their complaints to others. If you do that, you could lose valuable staff who no longer feel comfortable in your work environment.

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