Dealing with Difficult Neighbor Disputes

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Noisy neighbors, perpetual partiers, people who think they can encroach on their land with their own stuff – we’ve all experienced the odd bad neighbor now and again and it can be downright frustrating. Sometimes, it can even cause stress, depression and good people to leave their homes just to escape the difficult person next door.


If you’re currently having problems with your neighbors, here are some effective tips to ensure that the same doesn’t happen to you:


Choose the Right Neighborhood


If you’re already settled, then this won’t help,  but if you’re currently on the hunt for a new home, try to choose a place that is populated by people like you. So, if you’re a family, move to a family-friendly location, or if you like to party, get an apartment downtown with the other party people. That way, conflicts are less likely to arise.


Be Polite


Being a good neighbor yourself is the best way to get the goodwill of other residents in your area. It won’t always stop your neighbors behaving badly towards you, but it will certainly make it less likely to happen.

Choose Your Battles


If your neighbors have one little party, even if it does go on ‘til four a.m., it’s probably not worth bringing it up. If they do it every week, you absolutely need to raise that concern, again being as polite and good-neighborly as you can. If you get wound up and yell (even though it might be totally justified) it could cause the issue to escalate, and no one wants to end up living next to the neighbor from hell.


Know Your Rights


Knowing what the legal laws and regulations are in your neighborhood is a great tool to have in your arsenal when you’re trying to end a difficult dispute. They might not change their ways because you want them to, but if they know that they’re obliged to do so on the terms of an authority figure, well that might just get them thinking again!


Document Everything

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Whether your neighbor keeps having his dog poop on your lawn or she’s sending you poison pen letters, it’s a good idea to document everything using video camera footage, photographs and even witness testimonies, That way, if things get to the point where diplomacy won’t work, you have some real evidence to back you up and help you get things sorted out once and for all.


Seek Legal Help


Seeking the help of a firm like Bendell Law should be a last resort, but if you’ve tried everything and your neighbor simply won’t accept that he’s encroached onto your boundary for example, it might be the only way to get a fix. It’ll certainly be better than arguments and petty recriminations that only ever turn into a vicious circle of problems.


Maintain Your Dignity


Finally, your neighbor may well be a crazy person, but that doesn’t mean you have to resort to their level. Stay strong, remain dignified and try to get as much respite from the situation as you can. This will help you get through what is sure to be a tough time as best you can.

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