Cut Back Without Cutting Back

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Making cuts to your household budget isn’t an easy thing to do. You should analyze your incomings and outgoings to make sure that you have room to cut back when you need to. The trouble with cutting back on expenses is that you often need to make changes that you aren’t happy about. If you’re cutting back on your food bill, you may be imagining that by swapping brands, you aren’t getting the same flavour. It’s not always the case. Cutting back on costs doesn’t mean compromising on quality and it’s important to remember that.

Before you embark on any cost cutting measures, ask yourself whether you’re smart with your money, or frivolous. If you are someone who easily spends without thinking, you’ll need a little bit of a re-education on how to manage your finances. Take some courses on money management, read these 5 books to educate yourself in money matters and learn how to use spreadsheets and budgeting software. So, instead of making cuts, you can consider making swaps instead and change how you spend your money rather than cutting back altogether. You want to be able to manage your finances without changing the way you live, for the most part, so with these tips you can make a point of making changes and still live in the same way you always have done.

Utilities: Making changes starts with learning where your money is going and how you can spend it differently. Look to utility comparison websites to shift your choices and compare companies to check if by a simple swap, you can get the same service elsewhere for less.

Food: As mentioned earlier, swapping your food from brands to the supermarket variety can make such a difference, and really, you’re only paying for the packaging! You can save up to a third on your shopping bill, while still eating as well and having money left over for other, more enjoyable things.

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Entertainment:  Despite popular thought, you don’t have to spend tons on your entertainment to have a good time. Make a swap from drinking in exclusive bars to learning via videos like this how to mix your own cocktails – then invite all your friends round to yours to mix them up some fruity drinks yourself. It’s a laugh and if you have everyone bring a bottle you can make small savings there!

Travel: For most people, travelling to work takes up most of their budget. Train journeys can be expensive, and petrol costs for a car plus all the costs of maintaining a vehicle can really pile up. Switching to walking or cycling not only will help your budget, but it’ll save your carbon footprint from growing.


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Educating yourself about how you spend your money will take you a long way to managing your budget properly. Making swaps is better than cutting right back altogether and once you know how, you can live on a much healthier budget without compromising your quality of life. That’s the goal!

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