Creative Ways to Save Cash

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Saving money is usually boring business. Cut up your credit cards, stop buying that daily coffee and cancel your cable are the usual suggestions everyone trots out when you express an interest in cutting your costs. Although all of these suggestions are sound, they aren’t exactly inspiring, and there are many more creative ways to save cash and live on less, as you can see below:


Peer to Peer Lending

You might not have heard of them before, but Peer to peer rental sites enable you to borrow something you might need from another person or company for a small fee. It’s a great alternative to buying the kind of stuff that you only need to use now and again or for a one-off project. Not only will using peer to peer rental sites enable you to save cash, but you won’t have to make room for lots of stuff, which means you could also save money by downsizing to a smaller space if that’s something you’re interested in!

Grow Your Own

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With a little investment and some tender loving care, you could grow your own fruits and vegetables and have on the cost of your weekly grocery shop. Gardening has been shown to have many health benefits, so it might even help you to cut down on medical costs in the future too.

Buy a Piggy Bank

When you buy something, and there’s change, the temptation is always to spend it on a small frivolous item like a candy bar or a cup of coffee. If you invest in a piggy bank, you can take your small change home and save it instead. It won’t make you rich, but you’d be surprised just how much loose changes you can save in a year.

Rent Your Drive

If you live in a busy city, you could actually earn money by renting out your drive or garage to people who are desperate for a parking space close to their work. You could earn $50 or more per week by doing this, which isn’t to be sniffed at.

Don’t Buy Straight Away

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When you see something, you want to buy, write it down or save it to your wish list and wait for at least 30 days. Chances are you’ll no longer find it quite so appealing and you can save money by not spending it in the first place. If after 30 days, you still want to buy it, go ahead, but at least check to see if there are any coupon codes or discounts you can use to get it for less.

Sell Your Crafts

Whether you’re an awesome artist a creative crochet expert or a knitting legend, put your creative side to good use by selling your creations on Etsy, Facebook or in your local community. Even if you don’t make a fortune, you should be able to claw back the costs of your hobby, which will save you a decent sum over the years and enable you to enjoy your hobby for free.

What are your most creative ways to save money?

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