Crashes can Hurt: 5 Things to Remember if You’re in a Car Accident

It can be a frantic time after an accident occurs, but there are a few things you should remember. There are important steps to take to ensure everything is done legally and correctly. Whether you’re a passenger or a driver involved in an accident, here are some things to remember.

Check for Injuries

Do a quick assessment of everyone involved in the accident to check for injuries. Call an ambulance or emergency services if necessary. If you believe someone has been injured, be careful not to move them because this could cause further damage. Make sure an injured individual is comfortable and out of the way of further harm. If needed, contact emergency services as soon as possible. Even if you think you have not been injured, it is wise to let emergency services give you a quick once-over; sometimes shock can keep you from feeling pain in the moment. You should also consider calling a lawyer such as David Gruber for legal advice.

Turn on Your Hazard Lights

Hazard lights are important especially if it’s dark or if there is poor visibility. This will warn traffic and prevent any further accidents. Your hazard lights should alert other drivers in the area to be cautious.

Call the Police

If the accident caused damage to the vehicle, make sure you call the police so that a formal report can be made. This is important if you will need to make an insurance claim. Make sure to give a police officer your statement, but do not admit fault regarding the accident. It’s also important to have the accident documented to protect your legal rights in case of a lawsuit. A police officer can also assess the situation and determine the extent of damages.

Call Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to make a record of the accident. You should do this even if you’re unsure if there will be a need to file a claim. Make note of the time, date and location and all the people involved. Remember to take insurance details of any other drivers involved and take photos of all the damage that was done during the accident. If in any doubt about the legal matters of an accident, be sure to contact Jersey City Car Accident Attorneys for information.

Provide your insurance agency with the name, address and telephone number of any other persons involved in the accident. This includes other drivers and passengers. Provide your insurance agency with the insurance policy information for any other drivers. If you believe the other driver may be at fault, it may be necessary to hire a car accident attorney.

Call a Garage

Your local garage will be able to provide a tow truck to remove your vehicle from the scene of the accident if necessary. They will also be able to provide estimates for any repairs that will need to be made. They may also be able to discover additional damage that was not noticeable at the time of the accident.

It’s always important to check for injuries immediately after a car accident. You should also remember to get the insurance information of any other drivers involved in the accident to give over to your insurance company.If you decide it is necessary, take legal action, but always consult a professional like DFW Car Accident Lawyers first. Another crucial thing to remember is to call the police so that a formal report can be made of the accident.

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