Country Living Made Easy Peasy


Lots of parents consider moving their family out of the city and out into the country once their kids start to get older. That’s mainly because it gives the kids plenty of space to run around outside, and there is often a lot less crime in the countryside.

Even though a life in the country might sound like a complete dream, you might find that making the move is actually quite difficult. After all, a quiet country life is going to be a whole lot different to busy city living!

But moving to the countryside doesn’t have to be such a struggle. If you follow these fantastic tips, you will find that you can move your family without too many tears and tantrums. You could even go one step further and check out some off grid homesteads, you might not quite be ready to make that plunge just yet, but it’s something to look to in the future if you want to really minimize environmental impact.

Take It In Stages

Moving from the center of a bustling city right out into the sticks will be a huge change for you. You might even experience a bit of culture shock! So, it’s a good idea to handle the move in stages if you have the time. Firstly, find a home somewhere well away from the business of the city but not quite in the remoteness of the country just yet. You might like to look at beautiful apartments in the suburbs, for instance. This way, you can get used to a much more quieter way of life before taking the plunge and heading out into the country.


Consider Public Transport

I’ve already mentioned that living out in the country can be remote. Thankfully, most villages and small clusters of houses now have public transport connections to larger towns and cities. However, these connections might not be so reliable, and you might have to deal with only two buses a day. So, when you are deciding where exactly in the country to move to, you will find that it’s a good idea to consider areas that have some excellent public transport links. That way, you won’t be so reliant on your car and can cut down on your gas bills.

Think About School

If you are hoping to move quite far from where you currently live, you will probably need to take the kids out of their current school. So, you will need to take this into consideration when you are looking for a new area to move to, as you will need to find somewhere that has a good school. If you move to a village that doesn’t have its own school, you should make sure that there is a public bus service, so your children don’t have any problems getting to school each day.


Get Ready To Mingle

If you don’t know anyone who lives in your new village, you will need to put in some effort to make some friends. It’s worth joining some local clubs and groups so that you get out of the house and can meet people. You will also find that you get to know more locals by visiting the local pub or bar.

Good luck with your new life in the country!

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