Compromising The Way To The Best Education

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Every parent is different. It’s what makes the world go round. These differences have always existed, and they’ve been the basis for many arguments. One major issue for contention is education. Some parents swear by sending their children to the best schools. But, for those of us on lower incomes, the top schools often seem out of the question. And, while some parents are willing to sacrifice everything for the best education, that’s not always practical either. If you have other kids, you can’t drop everything to provide for one what you can’t provide for them all.

The good news is, there’s no reason you can’t provide the best education possible. While there’s no denying that it’ll be tough, compromise is all it takes. And, we’re going to look at the two most important areas you may need to compromise on.


We couldn’t talk about education without mentioning money. Be it right or wrong, the top schools cost top dollar. That’s how they ensure the best teachers. We all want those teachers to influence our kids, right? But the only way that’s possible for many is to throw themselves into money struggles.

So, where’s the compromise? To make this work, it may be worth considering alternative financial avenues. These should go some way towards boosting your income. As such, they’ll put you in a better position to afford that dream school. Could you take a second job? Or, perhaps you could start a sideline business, like a blog.

Bear in mind that the more stable your second income, the better. Having to pull your child out of a school they love will be worse than not sending them there at all. Bear in mind, too, that you’d need to ensure you could do the same for your other children. Make sure to plan how this would work before you go ahead.


The second thing worth considering is location. If you’re aiming for top education, you may need to relocate to get it. But, that’s not an option for everyone. Work commitments may tie you down. Or, perhaps your other kids are settled. Money may also mean that you can’t afford a house in the desired area.

There are a few ways around this. If willing, you could look into buying properties like those found at STL CityWide Apartments. Apartments are cheaper than houses, and this could be a good in-between. One parent could stay there with the child in question during the week. Bear in mind that separating the family is far from ideal. Ensure this is what your kid wants before you go ahead.

If an apartment isn’t an option, could you commute? You would need to work out the length of commute, and whether you could shuffle your day to fit. Is there any way to finish work earlier? If yes, talk to your child about how they would feel about the drive. If they’re willing, this may be the sacrifice you all need to make.

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