College Kids: Making Money Out Of Their Old Bedroom

“Kids grow up so fast.” That is one of the most commonly used cliches going. But that’s because it is true. All cliches are truisms, but the fact kids grow up at the speed of light is the truest of all. One minute dropping them off a college with a lump in your throat and an inability to stop looking up at the skies as you try to curtail your tears. It is terrifying how fast they go from completely dependent on you to ready to leave home and take on the big bad world, and all you can do is wonder what on earth you are going to do now?

Well, what if the answer is making a little money and living a life of (slightly more) luxury?

We don’t mean to sound apathetic or anything because we’re not. However, we’re not the kind of people who are going to tell you to mourn your empty nest, lay under a cold shower and let that weird feeling of grief sweet over you, not when you are sitting on a goldmine. That’s right. W ith a little bit of inventive thinking and innovation you can get stuck into a few projects that have the opportunity to make you a little cash, declutter your home or even bring in an income. And that is exactly what we are going to help you with right this minute.

Decluttering That Will Make You Rich

If your kid has left home to go to college then it could feel a little early to start doing this. However, you could easily argue the stuff they’ve left in their bedroom and not taken to college (or wherever they have fled to) isn’t as important to them as they may think it is, which means it is fair game. The point is, the clutter they have left behind for your to live with can fetch quite the price tag if you know where to sell it. Let’s start with things like old electronics, outdated tech, barely used gadgets, dusty old books, and discs, like games, DVDs, CDs and that sort of thing. Yes, you can chuck them on eBay or Craigslist or something, but you will fetch the best price by avoiding these and using Buy Back Express services instead. Now that you have dealt with the mess under the bed and on the shelves, it is time to head to the wardrobe. Oh, yeah, old clothes can make quite the profit online, if you know where to go that is. Our favorites are sites like the Asos Marketplace, SnobSwap, Material Wrld, The RealReal and Walk In My Closet. If you feel really bad about doing this (which is kind of fair), then why not use some of the money to buy your absent child an apology present to soften the blow. See, problem solved.

Lovely To Have A Lodger

Before we step our foot into the realm of Airbnb (which we absolutely have to mention), why not explore the idea of having a lodger. Depending on the route you go, you could make a nice chunk of change from renting out your now spare room to someone of your choosing and enjoy the company of new face. In a way, it is kind of like replacing your child with someone that actually pays you money to be under your roof instead of draining your bank accounts at every possible opportunity. How nice would that little turn of events be? The great thing about going down this route (as opposed to the Airbnb route) is that you don’t have to work too hard to land yourself a guest. All they want is a room they can call theirs. What’s more, by having a lodger, you are setting yourself up for a much more guaranteed income. Let’s say you live in the suburbs of a city, it could be that your home is in the perfect spot for someone looking to commute from Monday to Friday. That would be ideal, no? You get paid a nice chunk of change, have some company to enjoy and get to keep your weekends all to yourself. That is an absolute winner.

The Airbnb Option Of Having A Boutique Hotel

You probably use Airbnb to make your luxury vacations that much more affordable, but why not use it to bring in a little extra too. Just to confirm the difference, having a lodger is having someone that is renting out part of your home, somewhere they can call theirs. But going down the Airbnb route is like establishing a one-room boutique hotel, and that can be what makes it such a fun project to take on. The reason it becomes more of a project is that you will want to make your kids old room as luxurious as possible to attract more guests to your door. A nice four-poster bed, gilded mirror, fancy artwork and a feature wall, all of these decorating adjustments could see you up the ante when it comes to your pricing. The other thing that aligns it closer to a project is the fact you have to manage it yourself, although this is about as easy as it comes. You take some gorgeous (but honest) photos of your child’s old room, make a listing, write an attractive description, set your price, block any dates you don’t want this listing to be available (like when your child is coming home for the summer) and then vet the people that take an interest. Of course, where you live, what amenities you offer and things like that will all have an effect on price, but it is still a great option. Not to mention you could make friends for life from all corners of the globe. Now that is what life should be about.

We know this may sound a little drastic – maybe – but college is just the first step toward total independence, which is a good thing for your child and you, and a great way to fill that void that comes with kids fleeing the nest is having something to keep you busy with. It just makes sense you turn that something into a little money spinner. It could be you then use that little bit of extra cash to go on more vacations with your kid, or pay for their train tickets home, or whatever it is you fancy.

Good luck with it all and, remember, have fun.

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