Christmas Activities To Do With Your Kids

Imagechristmas backdrops

For kids, Christmas is the most magical time of the year. It’s when everywhere is transformed into a winter wonderland, the house is full of amazing smells and decorations, and Santa comes to visit on Christmas eve. It is full of childlike wonder and it’s up to you to make the day as special as possible for your littles ones each year. Here are some of the things you can do with your child in the run up to Christmas to get you all feeling super festive.

Decorate The Tree

The first step to creating the perfect festive atmosphere in your home is putting up the tree. If you decide on getting a real tree, why not make a day of it and go to pick the tree of your dreams for the family room this year? It will be an extra day of festive spirit for the kids. Once you’ve got the tree back home, you can put it up and then get decorating. Let your child help you as you hang baubles and stuff Christmas crackers into the branches. You can play Christmas music as you work and then at the end, get your child on your shoulders so they can put the star on top of the tree.

Make Cookies and Treats

A large part of Christmas revolves around sweet treats. Whether it be hot cocoa with marshmallows and whipped cream or gingerbread men; baking these treats can be a great activity for you and the kids one weekend in December. Set out some ingredients for festive cookies, cupcakes or mince pies, and get baking. The kids can decorate them once you’re done and you can enjoy a fun filled day with a much-needed treat at the end of it.

Christmas Drive

One fun activity you can do on a clear night is take the whole family out in the car for a drive. If you live in an area where many people light up their houses, you can set off  with the kids safe in their car seat, and drive around the neighbourhood looking at how everyone else has decorated their home. It’s fun, cheap and great if you have bored children on a Sunday night.

Put Milk Out For Santa

Milk and a mince pie or cookie is the ultimate Christmas eve tradition. Make sure you have a fun-filled evening playing games and drinking hot cocoa, and then before your child goes off to bed, let them put out a glass of milk and a treat for you (We mean, Santa).

Have a Festive Movie Marathon

Nothing says Christmas quite like sitting down in the living room and watching a ton of cheesy movies. Take a Sunday to laze around the house, eat snacks and watch a whole host of Christmas movies with your kids. It will give you the chance to bond, relax and even to wrap some presents as you watch the movies. Pick out 10 movies you love and see how many you can get through in one day!