Chloe Flavor By Chloe Coscarelli {Book Review}

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Chef Chloe Coscarelli has revolutionized how vegans cook and eat with exciting, plant-based recipes that are fun, full of flavor, and make you feel healthier. When she decided to become a vegan chef, she dreamed of changing the way the world ate. This was in the “pre-kale” days, when veggie burgers were frozen, tasteless patties loathed by the general public and if a vegan wanted to eat, well, then she had to cook! Today, corner stores stock their shelves with almond milk and mainstream restaurants pepper their menus with quinoa, tempeh, chia seeds, faro, ramps, and so many variations of avocado toast. There is truly no better time to love to eat than now—and no easier time to be a vegan.

Chloe believes the most delicious dishes come from plant-based ingredients, and has debunked the myth that vegan cooking is bland and visually unenticing. Enter: CHLOE FLAVOR. Every recipe here is bold in taste, loud in color, unabashedly unique, and, above all, easy to make. With dishes like Smoky Grits & Greens, Mango-Guacamole Crunch Burgers, and Sea Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies, this food is for fun, friends, and family—and it’s all about the flavor. Vegans will delight in Chloe’s creations and carnivores won’t miss the meat one bit.


My Thoughts!

We recently went vegan and it’s been a life changer. I’ve been  searching for new recipes to try and this book is FULL of delicious, easy to follow recipes. The book starts with a little introduction  and a story of why Chloe went vegan.  It also includes a list of basic vegan ingredients that you’ll want to keep on hand.

Most of the recipes are paired with a  gorgeous full color photo, which always seems to make them sound more appetizing to me.  I also like that the recipes note when it’s gluten free as well, which is always super helpful for those with  food allergies. We’ve found several of these recipes have  blown us away and we can’t  wait to try more!  My daughter loves the vegan goldfish crackers recipe. It was super easy to follow and makes for the perfect on the go snack and lunch addition for my daughter.

I highly recommend this amazing  vegan cook book!

Purchase It!

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