Cat and Dog: Are They Really So Different?

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Most people take a stance as to whether they are dog people or cat lovers. You do not really have to be at either end of the spectrum. Both cats and dogs are great companions. Though both animals behave differently, they can be an enriching addition to your home. In reality, the two animals add the same value to an individual’s life. Here are some common differences debunked.

Dogs Are More Affectionate Than Cats

Dogs are more affectionate than cats are a myth that has been used to discriminate against cats for a long time. Most people who say this are the people who have tried to feed a feral cat and got scratched in return. While stray cats are more aggressive than stray dogs, the difference is because the cats need to be more aggressive to survive. But when it comes to a cat and a dog in a safe household environment, both animals provide the same amount of affection.

Cats Are Cleaner Than Dogs

Most cats are seen continually grooming themselves. Cats also tend to use their litter boxes from a very young age. This makes people believe that cats are cleaner animals than dogs. While dog’s too give themselves tongue baths, their bodies are not flexible enough to reach all the parts. Cats only use the litter boxes while they are clean. The moment they feel the litter box is too full they start defecating around the house. Both cats and dogs need the help of their pet parents to stay clean. Discount cat medicine and dog medicine is required to keep worms and other parasites away.

Cats Are Low Maintenance

Just because a cat tends to wander out and hunt at times, it does not make them low maintenance. You need to buy a lot of discount cat medicine if you regularly allow your cat to roam the streets. The cats that remain indoors need just as much care that a dog does. You need to bathe both frequently. While cats do use the litter box, if you use a dog toilet then your dog can also be trained to do their business without you having to take them out.

Dogs Are More Destructive

If you feel that your dog is being destructive, then it is you who is falling short. Dogs exhibit destructive tendencies when they are facing any kind of stress. A well-adjusted dog will not display any kind of destructive tendency. Similarly, if your cat is bored or sick, then your cat can be aggressive and destructive as well.

Cats Are Cheaper to Maintain

Both cats and dogs need to be taken for frequent visits to the vet. They both need to be vaccinated on a regular basis. You need to buy discount cat medicine just like you need to buy medicine for your dog. Due to the size difference cats might need less food than dogs, but the cat food is more expensive since meeting the needs of the obligate carnivore is more difficult.

As a pet parent, you need to put in a similar amount of effort for both and will receive the same amount of love from both.


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