Caring for a New Member of Your Family: Are Pack and Play Sheets a Necessity?

Many new parents use a Pack n Play from Graco as a bassinet in their bedroom until their baby is a few months old. Then they will transfer the infant into a nursery, or another room with siblings, and a traditional baby crib.

The main question parents have regarding this portable system is: “are pack and play sheets necessary?”

Below are the reasons parents should purchase the custom pack and play sheets and why they are necessary.

Many Reasons for Purchasing Pack and Play Sheets

Comfort – this portable baby bed does come with a thin, folding mattress, which is soft and like a towel; however, you want your baby to get used to sheets, which are going to be more comfortable after a long night’s sleep.

Cleanup – a sheet will be easier to take off and throw in the washing machine rather than trying to clean off the soft mattress. Babies have a lot of accidents as they adjust to their new life. Having sheets as a barrier to the soft mattress makes cleanup quick and easy, especially in the middle of the night.

Customizable – the pack and play sheets come in a variety of styles that can be customized for your bedroom, or to the nursery’s theme.

This is also good if you get tired of one theme and want to switch to a new subject for the baby’s room. There are also solid colors in both boys and girls and then the neutral shades that are great for baby shower gifts.

Variety of Fabrics – the pack and play fitted sheets are made of 100 percent cotton blend. The combination fabrics are cotton and Jersey knit; cotton percale; a cotton woven blend, and cotton flannel.

Portable – since the play-yard is portable, it is nice to have clean sheets wherever you go. The sheets are also portable, folding up nicely in a diaper bag or extra car bag.

Form-fitting – you want a sheet that is made for this mattress to avoid gaps, pulling and rumbles. A sheet that is made for this particular piece of furniture is a must so there is no threat of coming off or harm to your baby.

Using a crib sheet, from a traditional crib, can be dangerous as it will not fit properly to the thinner pack and play mattress. Traditional baby crib mattresses are much larger. And the sheet could come loose when the baby starts to roll around, and potentially wrapping around the baby’s body and cause a dangerous situation.  

Durable – the custom fitted sheets are long-lasting and durable, which means they will withstand many washings. This is a good thing if your child has many accidents or you are planning to have more children.

You’ll want to invest in several packs and play sheets for your Graco Pack ‘n Play portable crib. There are many reasons why it is a good idea to use the custom fitting sheets, especially for the safety of your baby.  

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