Buying Gold and Silver- What You Should Know!

There are so many reasons to invest in gold and silver. They can easily be purchased online and have been used for thousands of years. Gold and silver maintain value, which makes it great for investing and purchasing. It also adds security and a sense of wealth.

Do Your Research!

As with anything, we never suggest that you purchase something you aren’t familiar with or understand. If you do plan to purchase gold and silver, start with silver. Once you move up to gold, start will small gold, then move up to larger gold.

Always buy from a Good Source!

It’s important to know your dealer. You want to ensure everything is on the up and up and to protect your investment. On top of that, you want to ensure that you know the basic ins and outs before meeting with your source. You wouldn’t want to walk into a business deal and get tricked into spending more than you need to or buying something you don’t want just because the source tells you it’s a good deal.

Always take delivery!

When you purchase physical gold and silver, you want to own that asset. You can’t do this when investing through an ENT.

Know Your Options!

You can purchase both gold and silver in either bullion bars or bullion coins. Most investors prefer coins as they generally sell at a higher premium. Bars are harder to sell back, when needed, and they have higher transactions costs.

Gold Or Silver?

Gold and silver both offer attractive features. Gold is a better investment for the average precious metals investor. It’s market is driven by jewelry demands. However, Silver has a stronger relationship to economic activity and offers a wide variety of uses. Silver is also less expensive and more accessible to smaller investors.

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