Bully Sticks: Deer Antlers For Dogs {Review}

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My pup Rocco loves to chew and will go through most bones quite fast. I’ve heard that antlers last longer so I wanted to try them out. ¬†They arrived quickly and were well packaged. The top of the package zips closed for freshness, while the front of the bag is partially clear so that you can see inside.


Upon opening the bag I found several antlers that measure 4-5 inches each. They range in thickness and shape. Some are smooth to the touch, while others are bumpy. Each of them offer an off white to brownish color. I didn’t detect any sort of odor or scent coming from them at all. I did find that they are heavier than traditional bones- even the large bones I normally purchase for him.


Rocco didn’t know what to think at first, but quickly grabbed one up and began chewing on it. He carries it from room to room and spends hours gnawing away at it. He’s been chewing on the same one for about a week now and it’s still going strong. It hasn’t turned mushy or lost shape. It also hasn’t broken into smaller pieces, which is another huge plus for us.


Overall, I’m quite impressed with these antlers and would definitely purchase them again. They’d be a great item to toss into Rocco’s stocking this holiday season as well.


Purchase it!