Boost Your House-Selling Odds Twenty-Fold

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In a utopian world, selling your home would be as simple as having the chat with your husband, agreeing, put a for sale sign up in your front lawn the next morning and having a cash buyer knock on the door in the afternoon. The problem is, we don’t live in a utopian world and so selling a home is a lot more, complex, problematic, time-consuming and expensive than that. With this being said, with the help of specialist companies such as Suzy Goldstein Real Estate, the process of buying or selling your home may not be as difficult as you first thought. When it comes to making big life choices like this, asking for help from professionals can make such a difference.

But that doesn’t mean you should pull out the hanky and start despairing into it with all your might. No way. Sure, selling a home may be a tough task, but there’s still a lot you can do to make your property more attractive to buyers and thus boost your chances of selling your home ten, twenty, a hundred-fold. Before we begin, one thing you must remember is to find a conveyancing solicitor you can trust, most buyers will want to know the home won’t come with any unexpected issues after exchange.

It’s just a matter of knowing how, which is why we have pulled together a sort of point-by-point plan to help you out. Enjoy.

  1. Nail The Asking Price

We know how important it is you get the most money you can for your home, which is probably why you went with the real estate agent that valued it the highest. If your place looks like that featured with peep my pad, then perhaps this will work for you. The problem is, pricing your home too high will see buyers get put off and look elsewhere. That’s why you absolutely need to put the right price on your property – no ifs or buts.

  1. Choose The Right Agent

Less and less importance is being placed on estate agents these days thanks to the internet and the fact people browse for properties online, not in individual shop windows. However, don’t estimate the importance of an agent. They don’t just sell a property; they get the best photographs of it, they know how to write about it, they know which local papers get the most views, how to show people around and how to negotiate, all of which is going to help you. Just make sure you pick the right one.

  1. Look At The Alternatives

Despite popular belief, you don’t have to sell your home through the traditional route of having an agent and a For Sale sign out the front. There are so many other ways you can grab a sale, some of which are a whole lot easier than Monsieur Traditional. There are companies that will buy your house fast, such as the aptly named, there are auctions that garner attention from buyers looking for a) a bargain or b) a unique property and some people even hold raffles whereby you sell tickets for $10 bucks, wait until you have enough tickets to meet your asking price and then pull a name from a hat. There are so many options.

  1. Get Rid Of Any Buyer Turn-Offs

There are certain things that are going to put buyers off almost instantly. Untidy houses, rude sellers, odd household smells, DIY renovation work, a lack of privacy in your garden, a below-par kitchen and anything else you imagine falls within this bell curve. They are all turn offs and thus they all need you to overhaul them in some way or another. Go out and buy the best Shark vacuum in the UK to give your house the thorough clean that it needs!!

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