Benefits Of Homeschooling!

School systems have changed greatly since I was in school. There are more rules now, more kids that need one on one help, lack of motivation, lack of textbooks, and that list can go on and on. However, as much as our school systems are changing, so are our kids- and they aren’t necessarily going in the same direction.

Many parents are turning to online schooling or homeschooling as an alternative option. A great example of that is . Homeschooling helps put worries at ease and gives the child more freedom to learn in an environment that is tailored to them specifically. There are a lot of benefits to homeschooling.

Quality Time

Homeschooling is a great way to bond with your child. You have more control over how their day is set up, when they do school work, when they get free time, and when they take a break due to being overwhelmed or frustrated. it really let’s you get involved with your child and learn more about them as an individual.

You Control The Schedule

Homeschooling allows parents to control the daily schedule. You can spend more time on one subject when needed and less time on others, You can take breaks when your child is feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or exhausted. You can easily plan family vacations, change the schedule due to last minute emergencies, schedule doctor appointments, and playdates. You have full control over when, where, and how your child learns.

Learn at Their Own Pace

Homeschooling allows children to learn at their own pace to a certain extent. Yes, you still have goals to meet each year, but homeschooling gives you the opportunity to set the pace for your child. You can take extra time on areas that they struggle with and easily pass through the areas where they excel. Their education can easily be tailored to their capability and personality to make it more enjoyable and stress free for them. Homeschooling opens up a door to make education fun again.

One On One Help.

Classrooms are often set at a 1-20 ratio. While most kids will catch on, you still have kids that fall behind and are afraid to say anything. That only sets them further behind as the class proceeds. Homeschooling opens up a door where your child can feel safe to say that they don’t understand and it provides them with one on one assistance. It’s much easier to help a child one on one than it is to stop a class of twenty kids to help one child that is falling behind.

Protect Your Child

Homeschooling is a great way to shield your child from things that public schools can’t. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, gun violence, drugs, negative behaviors from other children, bullying, embarrassment, sickness outbreaks, and more. Homeschooling even gives you the opportunity to introduce your child to controversial topics at your own pace instead of them learning from a friend at school. This ensures that they have accurate and full information as well.


Homeschooling allows your child the opportunity to be involved in the community. There are many community groups for those that homeschool, which include support, field trips, learning outings, special event, and play dates.

Regardless of whether your child is homeschooled or attends a public school, you should ensure that your child is getting the best possible education. Grab your coffee with your personalized cup sleeves and sit back to enjoy the ride.

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