Become An Expert Bargain Hunter



Now that the festive season is fast approaching, you might want to start looking at ways you can grab those awesome bargains at the last minute before Christmas. We’ve got 3 full weeks left until December 25th, which may quite rightly scare the pants of many of your out there who still have lots of people to buy for. That’s why we have trawled the web to find you the best places to grab a bargain before Christmas.



There are loads of fashion brands all over the high street, and in recent years there has been a huge influx of fashion stores online too. A lot of the time you can find some really great brands at outlet stores on the web, so if you know your family member loves a certain brand you can get them something special for a lot less money.

Here are some of the best examples of stores online where you can buy some great fashion at a much lower price than in store:

–          ASOS sells its own goods as well as other brands, and you can save up to 70% on fashion

–          TK Maxx have physical stores and online where you can save up to 60%

–          Warehouse allows you to save 50% in their outlet store online

–          Ted’s Shed is the outlet store for all Ted Bake items, and you can save as much as 65% on fashion


We all take the time to have a nosey through eBay now and again, but did you ever realise that it is not only the general public who sell their unwanted goods on the site? It may surprise you to know that big brands such as boohoo, house of fraser, and even goldsmiths have outlet stores on eBay which they use to sell of their out of range stock for a low price. Rather than spending hours looking on the internet for different brands, search them on eBay and you might find that they have their own stores. You’ll have the peace of mind that the products are legitimate and you can buy big brad items for the ones you love at a discounted rate.

Online Vouchers

Don’t forget to keep up to date with websites such as Most of the time you will find that the store you plan to visit has a voucher which you can utilise to save you from paying the full price on your gifts. It is a smart way to save money and can be helpful as any time of the year.


If you want to buy someone an electrical appliance for Christmas this year, you know that you will most likely have to save up for months to afford it. However, by taking the time to check for electrical outlet stores online you could find a really great bargain. There are websites such as AO and Maplin which will offer you a huge discount on products which are either slightly out of range or may be overstocks from the brand. This is great because you will still get a big brand item for half the price in some cases.


Amazon is probably the most used online store in the world. It offers the chance for you to buy clothes, electricals, furniture, food and even medicine. It is the most easily accessible and diverse store in the world, but did you know they also have a discount section? Most of us will usually go onto Amazon for a specific product or to find something, but we only use that search bar and we never stray further into the website. If you take the time to look at the website in full detail you’ll be able to find the discount section and get yourself some great deals.

Fat Fingers

This site is a miracle for everyone- because what it allows you to do is search for misspelled listings on eBay. With many people rushing to put things for sale on eBay, they don’t always check their spelling and mistakes can be made meanings that if you search for that item you won’t find it. Luckily, if you go onto Fat Fingers, you can search what you want and find it- spelling mistakes and all! You might bag yourself a great deal which no one else has seen!

Auction Sites

You might not think about online auction sites to grab the best bargains for your home or as gifts, but actually they are often the single best place you can look to get that bargain you were looking for. Sites such as allow you to place bids on a huge range of items. Some of these can include, cars, games consoles, mobile devices and appliances. Every bid made increases the price by 1 penny, and people can bid until the time runs out. You can end up saving a crazy amount on some expensive items.


Food waste is one of the biggest issues plaguing the world, and it mostly stems down to the fact that people don’t understand when food is safe to eat or not. If you see a ‘use by’ date on an item, that means that you need to throw away the item after this time. However, when you see a ‘best before’, you can still safely consume the item for at least a week after that date has expired. When you are looking at fruit and vegetables and they have passed their best before date- don’t just throw them away. Check what they look like, and if they still look good as new, then they will be fine for you to consume.

There are actually stores online such as Approved Food which specialise in selling food which have a short shelf life. You can save up to 80% on your food shopping if you use these website and you know that you’ll be using the ingredients within the next week or so. It will save both money and waste