Annabelle: Creation- The Battle of Good and Evil

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Everyone handles grief differently and often times we shy away from discussing touchy topics with our kid. Now More than ever, we need to reach out to our kids and talk to them about handling grief in productive ways and bout the dangers of engaging with things that could leave them vulnerable to spiritual warfare.  Evil is real and can be displayed in many ways. As a society we have stopped discussing some valuable lessons that ironically show-up in horror movies that can teach us what to stay away from.  Ouiji boards are found in the stories and even groceries we frequent and they have become popular again during sleepovers and parties.



Annabelle: Creation which releases in theaters next Friday, August 11 is a scary film.  It’s meant to show us that evil is scary.  But it is also a movie about God overcoming evil and the importance of prayer and faith in our lives.  I don’t want to give too much away – but beyond the spiritual and supernatural battle depicted within the movie – the film also explores grief and loss – and what might result from turning away from our faith instead of leaning on it when we are most vulnerable.  It’s a cautionary tale that is fictitious, and yet, the catalyst that sets off the movie’s premise is heartbreaking.  I promise, this isn’t your typical horror movie. 


Everyone loves a good scary movie, myself included. It may be hard to believe that scary movies have meaning, that they aren’t just created to thrill us.  Some horror movies also serve as a cautionary message and  offer deeper meaning. Many  horror movies  depict spiritual warfare (which we know to be real) and the battle between good and evil. These supernatural films, oftentimes written and produced by
Christians and based on real-life events, are filled with lessons about something we as people of faith have stopped discussing in an increasingly distracted secular world – that evil is real.

Here are a few other lessons from supernatural horror films:

1) Exorcisms are also real. Although incredibly rare, people can get possessed by evil. “The Exorcist” is based on a real-life possession of a young boy, and “Annabelle:Creation” is about a possessed girl.

2) God will always defeat evil. No matter how powerful the enemy may be, God will always come out on top. In the Bible, one of the most powerful miracles that Jesus performed was The Miracle of the Gadarene Swine in which Jesus cast unclean spirits out of a man. In real-life and in all supernatural films that have a faith message including “The Conjuring” and “The Rite,” evil will always be vanquished.

3) Ouija Boards are a big no. Perhaps one of the strongest and most valuable lessons to come from supernatural horror movies (which just as true in real life) is that those who become plagued or possessed by evil may have inadvertently invited those spirits or demon to come into their lives. This is done through certain “gateways” that many priests and Christian leaders warn us about. Christians, especially Christian parents must teach kids and teens to stay away from Ouija boards, tarot cards, fortune telling, or any sort divination. These are all means in which evil can take hold of our lives. In the second “Conjuring” movie the character becomes possessed after playing with a Ouija board. This was based on a true person and event.

4) Prayer is the most powerful thing in the world. Prayers protect and deliver us from evil. In horror movies, those who are plagued by evil must often turn to a person of great faith or priest to help them. That Christian leader is always portrayed as someone who
believes prayer to be of utmost importance and is shown onscreen praying to God throughout the film.

5) Faith is the most important thing in the world. Believing in God and being baptized in the Christian community protects and strengthens us. It is a natural defense again evil. In times of weakness, we must lean on our faith and turn to God. The upcoming movie,
“Annabelle: Creation,” is a cautionary tale that depicts what happens when one turns away from God and succumbs to temptation during a period of grief and weakness as opposed to leaning on God for grace and healing.


All movies, including horror movies tell stories. In the last century, before we had television and films, parents told stories and tales that were meant to alarm and even frighten children and  youth from a certain place or course of action. Now these stories, meant to be lessons, are brought to life onscreen, complete with sound effects and make-up. They are terrifying and they should be – evil is something to stay away from. But for Christians, there is a stronger message, one that should always comfort and strengthen us – that we have a savior and that he will always come to protect and fight for those of us in need.