All the Pretty Things by Edie Wadsworth

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For a long time, Edie thought she had escaped. It started in an Appalachian trailer park, where a young girl dreamed of becoming a doctor. But every day, Edie woke up to her reality: a poverty-stricken world where getting out seemed impossible. Where, at twelve years old, she taught herself to drive a truck so she could get her drunk daddy home from the bar. Where the grownups ate while the children went hungry. Where, when the family trailer burned down, she couldn’t be caught squawlin’ over losing her things—she just had to be grateful anyone had remembered to save her at all.

And at the center of it all, there was her daddy. She never knew when he would show up; she learned the hard way that she couldn’t count on him to protect her. But it didn’t matter: All she wanted was to make him proud. Against all odds, Edie “made doctor,” achieving everything that had once seemed beyond her reach. But her past caught up with her—and it would take her whole life burning down once again for Edie to be finally able to face the truth about herself, her family, and her relationship with God. – Tyndale

My Thoughts!

You never really know how much your childhood affects you, until you become an adult. Edie learned that the hard way. Often faced with neglect, hunger, and the drive to please- Edie was stronger than she knew. This book truly takes you through every emotion. I went from balling my eyes out to laughing and back to crying. It’s a heart wrenching story that many can relate to. I love Edie’s strong willed nature and determination when all odds were against her. It’s a great read that I’d definitely recommend to others!



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Edie Wadsworth is a national speaker, writer, and faith blogger at life{in}grace. She has been featured in various media including Better Homes and Gardens. Edie is a physician and natural health enthusiast who left her medical practice in 2008 to raise her family and pursue her love of writing. She encourages and inspires women to live with more passion and purpose so that they can impact families and communities with their unique gifts.

When she’s not writing or teaching natural health classes, she enjoys cooking (with butter!), running, reading, banjo music, and the beautiful scenery of southern Appalachia, where she makes her home with her husband, Steve, and their awesome kids. – Tyndale


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