All Of Your HCG Questions Answered

There is a miracle diet which has become famous online due to marketing. It has turned into the go-to diet for obese individuals. If you are tired of your weight and want to lose it at the earliest, it is best for you to understand what HCG diet is and how it works. Gain all the information and understanding of the diet before you start one.


What is HCG?

Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone which is present in large quantities in the body of pregnant women. The function of HCG in the body of a pregnant woman is to mobilize the burning of the fat and to ensure that it provides energy to the fetus to develop. It also helps protect pregnancy even in situations where the mother is starving or has been consuming limited calories. It is used as high doses as a part of the fertility treatment.


What is the theory behind weight loss?

  • In order to achieve weight loss, HCG is used in small concentrations with a low calorie diet. It helps shift the momentum of the body and triggers the burning of fat. The combination of a low calorie diet and HCG is known as an HCG diet and it is used by patients who are struggling with obesity. HCG has the ability to trigger off the fat stored in the body and promotes weight loss with the side effects of a low calorie diet and physical exercise. If you want to learn more about the diet, you can get more information on HCG from the official HCG Diet website here.
  • HCG works in multiple ways on human body. It ensures that the fat moves out of the storage and is available in the form of immediate energy. This energy when combined with the energy that is formed with a low calorie diet will add up and will be available for your daily functions. You will lose the excess body fat with the diet.
  • Further, it prevents the metabolism from dropping. Even if you consume a very low calorie diet, your body will not slow down and you will not feel fatigue. It will ensure that the metabolism is at a stable level.
  • After the weight loss, your hypothalamic balance is restored and the insulin resistance will be reduced, thus making it easier for you to lose weight and maintain your weight.


Is it safe?

Most patients have faced this question and this diet has become a part of the controversy for this. Physicians who work with HCG state that small doses of the hormone should be used and it should not be used for the long term. The use should be restricted and you should only start the diet after consulting a professional physician. Not many face side effects with the diet. You might find it difficult to restrict your intake to 500 calories per day but you will soon get used to it and majority patients have lost weight with the diet.


Does it really work?

While many vouch for HCG, there are many others who call it ineffective. The real question is, does HCG really work for weight loss? If you ask patients who have followed the HCG diet and who have done a 40 day course, they claim it to be really effective. There are many others who supplement the diet with exercise and have found it to be effective. The practitioners only prescribe HCG because it works and it has shown results in the past as well.

The reality is that there is a study which has shown that HCG with a low calorie diet leads to weight loss as compared to the same diet and no HCG. Even if you diet and exercise every single day, you might not be able to achieve the weight loss that you could with an HCG. It will help you lose weight from the right parts of your body and you will lose the fat. You will notice that your body is being toned and you are not losing muscle or fat from the wrong places.


What is the HCG protocol?

After you have cleared all your doubts about the effectiveness of HCG, you need to understand the HCG protocol. This protocol is very straightforward. The basic idea of HCG is to follow a 20 or 40 day cycle of using HCG and supplementing the same with a low calorie diet which is composed of specific foods. You can consume food but in limited quantities and this will help you lose fat from the areas of your body that have excess fat deposits.

You need to keep in mind that the protocol should be followed very strictly. You cannot take HCG and eat anything you feel like. Similarly, you cannot go on a low calorie diet and skip HCG. The diet is designed to include about 500 calories in a day and you need to stick to it if you want to achieve the results. There are four different phases in the diet which you need to follow. There are many recipes available for you to ensure that you do not end up eating the same dish everyday. The weight loss after a 40 day diet plan is usually between 15 to 35 pounds.

After the cycle completes, you need to maintain your weight loss by building a strong relationship with your food and making the right choices. Do not start eating everything at once and watch your weight. Stay away from sugar and ensure that you put in at least one hour of physical activity every day. When you notice the difference in your weight at the end of the HCG plan, you will feel motivated to start eating healthy and living healthy. You will have to take steps to stay away from putting on weight and going back to where you started from. HCG works if you remain committed and consistent to the diet plan for the scheduled duration.


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