8 Things You Have To Do Before A Backyard Party

Backyard parties are the best parties. There is no need to go any further than your home and if
you get tired or drunk, all you have to do is retreat back to the house.
Although it seems like something that can be easily thrown down, these parties do require some
thinking. On top of that, you can always make them better.
First thing you have to consider is whether you’re making a pool party, barbeque simply relaxing
with your friends on patio. No matter what you choose, here are some small thingies that can improve
the whole experience.
1. Alcohol cooler
No matter what kind of a party you’re making, people will probably drink. As you well know,
there is nothing worse than having a warm drinking during hot summer day.
To prevent your guests from mopping around, get an alcohol cooler. This way, everybody will
have a cool drink at the tip of their fingers.
2. Multimedia experience
Nowadays, you can purchase an inflatable TV for you backyard.
This is another one of those crazy solutions for parties that will always work. Even if you decide
to turn on MTV or some other music station, this small detail will definitely lighten up the party. It
becomes even better if your friends come over for a ballgame. Definitely much better than watching it
inside of your home.
3. Wooden benches
Ok, most people have a nicely decorated patio with chairs and a table. However, this isn’t
enough for parties.
If you have a bigger backyard with lots of space then you should definitely consider getting
teak garden benches. They don’t have to be placed in a prominent place. You can even store them in a dutch barn shed.
But, if you’re throwing a party, they should definitely be out.
Besides the fact they are a cheap sitting solution, benches force people to sit together making
the whole experience friendlier.
4. Managing your poolside
Water pumps (here’s how they look like if you’re not aware) and other pool accessories can be
really troublesome for guests. Make sure to remove everything that isn’t necessary and arrange nicely
the area around the pool.
If you’re making a real pool party, make sure to bring some additional sunbeds. Although this
might sound silly, get a big ball for the pool. Your guests will surely love it! Don’t forget to get a few towels rails too! It’ll keep towels out of the way and guests will be able to tell who’s is who’s if they hang them up. If you don’t have any towel rails, check out Easy Home Concepts. They might have some that meet your needs.
5. Fire pit
Every backyard needs a fire pit or some other way to warm up the area. If you love making
parties during autumn and spring, this additional heat source will allow your guests to stay for much
longer not having to go home when the night falls.
6. Barbeque area
Every party needs some food.
Now, whether you decide to start up a grill or not, it is up to you. Nevertheless, it is definitely a
solution that people will love. You can make warm food at the spot and the entire party will feel
7. Gaming area
No matter what you do, it is always good to have a gaming area during a party.
I would always recommend getting a Ping-Pong table. It is easy to place and move around and
later on, when people get a bit drunk, it will serve for beer pong.
8. Lazy bags
Although benches are a much better solution for bigger parties, lazy bags rule when it comes to
smaller gatherings.
The biggest issue with lazy bags is that you need a lot of them. Nevertheless, even if you have 5
or 6, you can set up a chill area where people can come to cool off after drinking too much. Here are some tips how to fill your own lazy bag.

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