5 Ways To Get Out Of A Rut

Do you feel like you’re trapped on a hamster wheel just spinning in circles? Do you feel hopeless or stuck? Do you feel stressed or anxious? We’ve all been there and it can seem like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. You aren’t alone and there is hope! Breaking the negative cycle that has gotten you down is possible if you can help adjust your way of thinking.

Embrace Past Regrets/Mistakes

Regret and dwelling on past mistakes is a common reason people get stuck in a rut. It can paralyze you from making progress and holds you back from opportunities as you fear making another mistake. To break this cycle you need to dig deep and really assess what happened or what you could have changed. This will allow you to change your behavior the next time you are in that situation.

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

We all have a comfort zone that allows us to feel safe, secure, and understood. However, that same comfort zone can also confine us and hold us back. Step outside of your comfort zone and see a whole new world of possibilities.

Set Realistic Goals

We llhave have dreams and goals. However we need to determine which ones are realistic and which ones are pipeline. Setting unattainable goals is a sure fire way to put energy into something that will quickly burn out and put you on a negative path feeling like a failure. Don’t read that to mean that you shouldn’t shoot for the stars though. It’s always nice to want something more or to work towards a goal. However, know your limits.

Let It Out

Often times we feel alone and misunderstood when we are in a rut.
OptimisticBrain.com is a great way to seek support, get help, and get out of your rut.

If you aren’t up for social sharing yet, write down your thoughts. This allows you to let it out while also allowing you to reflect on it at a later time. It also helps put some distance between your thoughts and your wellbeing.

Get Medical Help

Sometimes your rut may run deeper. If you experience overwhelming anxiety, depression, or unstable moods you may want to seek medical assistance by talking to your doctor. Treatments are available and range from medical marijuana (such as that offered by http://healthcaredispensary.com/shop/ ), pills, therapy, and more.

Regardless of how you got in a rut, there is a way out. Think positively, put a new spin on your day to day interactions, talk to others who may be going through something similar, or begin journaling. There are a ton of ways to cope so let us know your favorite!

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