5 Great baby gift ideas in 2017

5 Great baby gift ideas in 2017

Your friend or family member may be having a baby soon and you are looking for the perfect gift to give to them. While the arrival of a baby is always a great excuse to celebrate, some may be confused as to what to give to the would-be mother and her infant.

You could peruse through the choices in a matter of weeks and you still probably would not be halfway done with all the options you could give. There are just too many to choose from! From feeding bottles, clothes, toys, books and more, the search for great baby gift ideas might feel frustrating to some people.

If you’re attending a baby shower soon or a friend has just given birth, here’s a list of great baby gift ideas to make it easier for you. These gifts are not only adorable, but they are practical too as the mother and child will really benefit from them.

  1. Books and DVDs about caring for a baby – this gift would be perfect for first-time parents who have absolutely no experience in caring for a newborn. They would surely be experiencing a lot of new things in the first weeks and they may have questions about what’s happening. Getting them an informative material will really assist them in the transition to being parents.
  2. Project Nursery Baby and Smartband – for the more tech savvy parents, get them these bands that are able not only to track the times that the baby feeds but can even include reminders for doctor’s appointment and vitamin intake. It’s water resistant, is compatible with both iOS and Android and the battery can last up to 30 days.
  3. Bandana drool bibs – these are especially helpful especially when the baby begins to consume more than just milk. It’s easier to wipe the stains of food or drinks away with these types of bibs. What’s great about them is not only are they functional, with the array of new designs that have come out, they are also very stylish and can fit any of the baby’s clothes.
  4. Bouncy seat – to give the new mommy some reprieve, gift the baby with a cute bouncy seat. Look for one that will play soft music and has other accessories like spinner and blinking lights to keep baby distracted while mommy takes a little time for herself. Make sure that whatever model you will get, more than the accessories, you prioritize the comfort and safety of the baby.
  5. Teething jewelry – this a gift that will really benefit both mother and child. New mothers think that they can no longer wear jewelry after having a baby. No one wants to have their necklaces grabbed and chewed on by their children. It’s a good thing that teething jewelry was created to serve that very purpose. It can be a great way to distract your child while you are breastfeeding them, and it will serve as a comfort for they are starting to teeth. If you think this is the perfect gift for your pregnant friend, check out this list of teething jewelry gifts for them and their babies to enjoy.

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