4 Tips to Purchasing an Instant Pot

Whether you are living on your own or with a family, an instant pot is a clear necessity to have in your kitchen. An instant pot is a smart, multi-functional cookware appliance that can cook rice dishes, chicken stir fry and other delicious meals without requiring too much work. It is perfect for quick meals or even cooking soups for a cold night. An instant pot is a very practical but worthy investment, therefore, it is only right to consider all your choices before purchasing one. A great source of information is Parental Guide’s Instant Pot Review. Here are the top four tips that you should know before buying an instant pot.

  1.   Too Many Buttons

Yes, if there is anything that you should be wary of when picking an instant pot to buy, it’s the buttons that will indicate whether the pot is warming up, cooking or has stopped. Unfortunately, there are expensive instant pots around that has more buttons than you’ll ever need. It is highly recommended that you test out the basic functionalities of an instant pot before you buy one. Most instant pots automatically shut off when they have finished cooking. This is usually true if you are cooking rice. Some can continue to cook for a longer period of time when left open. Others can automatically warm up your food as soon as you plug it into the wall.

  1.   Is It Multi-purpose?

Short of baking a cake, an instant pot should be highly functional and multi-purpose. A great instant pot should work as a pressure cooker, a rice cooker, a slow cooker, a sauté and browning pan, a steamer, a warmer and for what it’s worth a water heater. An instant pot usually costs more than a regular pot, therefore, it has to do more than just cook a stew. It is also a great space saver if you have narrow kitchen top.

  1.   Is It Easy to Clean?

Ah, dishes! If you don’t like spending too much time washing the dishes, then you want an instant pot that can be cleaned easily especially if you plan to cook two recipes at a time. Some of the easiest instant pots to clean are made of stainless steel that are also fingerprint resistant. They are light to carry around and always look elegant in the kitchen. There are no spills when you are cooking something with a lot of water or sauce. Any residual leftover food should also come off easily with just a few rinses.

  1.   Is the Price Right?

While it is true that instant pots cost more than regular pots and pans due to the former’s flexibility, there is no reason why you should be spending more than you can afford. Some instant pots have escalated price due to features that seem attractive at the time but might not be very useful in the long run. If a seller is offering you to buy the appliance twice its price because of a Bluetooth feature or a syncing capability to an IOS app, it might be best to look the other way.