4 Reasons it is important to have a legal team represent you when there is an employee grievance

4 Reasons it is important to have a legal team represent you when there is an employee grievance

An employee grievance is a problem or concern of the employee that is taken to management. If the employee does not feel that the problem was handled correctly, they can then put the complaint in writing and give it to management. With that follows meetings and appeals.

Handling employee complaints is something that needs to be put at the top of the business priority list. Employee complaints and grievances can hurt a business more than you think.

  1. The Laws Are Complicated

Having a legal team on your side will always help. Although your team is trained in the law, you are not. These are the experts to look to when there is an employee grievance in your company. By not having a legal team you are risking losing the case and being in violation. A very concrete case can quickly go the wrong way if you do not a trained legal team on your side.

  1. Not having A Legal Team Will Cost You More

This is your business and brand name at stake. By not having a legal team it could cost a lot more in the end. The team will guide you in the documents that are needed and how to make a paper trail just in case something else comes up.

  1. Avoid Problems Before They Begin

Having a legal team for your company will help to alleviate any headaches that may come up in the future.  If you have a legal team like those at Ellis Whittam, you pay a fixed fee and your team is available to you 24/7. Gone are the days of having to pay a large retainer fee and then the hourly charges. With a Fixed Fee Employment Law and HR Support services at your fingertips, the headaches that come in the future will be covered.

  1. Your Legal Team Knows Your Business

This is the legal team that you have been working with and they know about your business and problems that may arise. The team knows what to watch for and how to keep the employees happy with training and safety issues. Having a legal team also takes the pain out of having to fire an employee. This same team works hand in hand with you and your employees and will see a problem long before it comes to the filing of a grievance. It is important to remember that many issues can be avoided with the right legal team.

Ellis Whittam is the leading legal team for your business protection. From health and safety to employee productivity,  www.elliswhittam.com  can help with every step of the way. Have questions? Your legal team will be available when you need them and before your company has an employee file a grievance. Ellis Whittam legal team is dedicated to the companies they work with.