3 Tips To Taking The Best Baby Photos

3 Tips to taking the best baby photos


Babies are simply adorable and one can’t help but be amazed at the joy they bring. It’s no wonder that parents take so many pictures of their little ones to capture priceless memories. However, taking baby photos is not always easy. They may move around a lot, not move at all, and basically can’t follow instructions yet. You’ll be surprised at how many shots it took before you were able to finally capture the right moment. But when you do capture it, it’s a photo you’ll treasure forever.

One important consideration when taking photos of your baby is how old they are. Babies that are from 0-3 months don’t move around as much and mostly sleep compared to older babies. You could look at having a professional take newborn pictures Raleigh for you if you reside in North Carolina, or somewhere more local to you to help you out, if you feel like your photos aren’t coming out the best when you do them. Knowing your baby’s activities will help you in achieving the photos you want. Here are some tips on how to take the best baby photos.

Natural light. Daylight is your best friend when taking baby photos. It lets you capture your baby in natural light and gives you beautiful photos regardless of the camera you are using. This requires a little patience since you have to wait for the right time of the day to capture the right photos. Natural light, whether coming from the side, the front, and the back, has different effects on your photo. Light coming from the side will create soft shadows and depth to your pictures. Light coming from the front will give your photos a soft light and one that doesn’t have shadows. Light coming from the back will create a glowing effect on your subject.

Simple backdrop. Simple backdrops work best for babies. They draw attention towards the subject that is why using simple backdrops can effectively remove any background clutter. You can use a plain white sheet, plain textured fabrics or patterned fabrics to serve as the background. Simple backdrops also let you capture the little details such as tiny toes and fingers, your baby’s profile and other facial features, the first tooth, that contagious smile, and other things that you don’t usually highlight.

Keep the baby comfortable. Photo shoots can be tiring for little ones so to make the most out of your session, the baby has to be comfortable. This means he/she has been fed, has rested, and is wearing clean and comfortable clothing. Choose fabrics that are soft and breathable. And make sure that your baby stays warm, especially if most of the shots will be capturing him/her naked. You can let the baby pose a certain way using posing pillows. However, if the baby doesn’t seem to hold the pose, let it be. Let them do what they do best: move around, stretch, yawn, smile, and sleep. If the baby needs some cuddle time with their mom or dad, let them be and make sure that you capture these special moments.

Always remember to put your baby first when taking their photos. Although it’s great to be flexible, creative, and spontaneous, you have to consider the safety of your baby at all times. And even if you didn’t end up with the shot you imagined, you’ll have photos to look back and smile at.

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