3 Timeless Tips for Parents Planning to Buy a House

Some people find that using somewhere like Door.com might be a helpful way of finding a new house for their family. If you have children or plan to start a family soon, here are three tips to help you choose the right house.

Shortlist a few good locations that meet your most important requirements

Location is top priority for most home buyers looking for the best home for their kids. Families with children need to shortlist neighborhoods that are safe, are close to good schools, and have other key facilities such as a medical center, a park and good after-school care if you’re going to need it.

Additionally, you may want to walk or drive through your preferred neighborhood at different times of the day to get a feel of the place and to see if there are shops, playing fields, extracurricular activities and other amenities that may be important for your lifestyle. For instance, if your child loves swimming, you might want to a house where there’s a community pool in the vicinity.

Home buyers who’re going to be parents soon need to ensure that the locality is safe and offers good daycare options and playing areas.

Consider both your present and future needs and your budget when deciding size

After location, size is the primary decisive factor for home buyers with kids. Interestingly, large houses are not always unaffordable. If it suits you to live away from city center and prime areas where property prices are usually sky-high, you can get a larger home for a reasonable price.

Another way to own a house larger than you initially intended to buy is to connect with a local house flipping company and see if they can get you a renovated fixer-upper for a good price. At the same time, if you’d rather own a compact home and don’t want to be stuck with an unnecessarily high mortgage, invest in a compact yet functional house with a layout that will give your children ample space to play and grow and yet won’t feel cramped.

The seasoned real estate specialists at Flipping Junkie can help you find the right house for your family at a price you can afford. With five children and a successful real estate business, flipper couple Melissa and Danny know all too well what it takes to make a good long-term home for a family with kids. Reach out to them and you may just find the home of your dreams.

Don’t look for a perfect home—keep an open mind

If you’re seeking perfection, it may be long before you can find a house worth buying. Instead, be flexible and prioritize what matters most. Safety is an important factor when moving to a new neighborhood with kids, so if you’ve found a house in a safe locality but its floor plan doesn’t quite excite you, consider what’s more important and will give you peace of mind while you’re away at work.

Lastly, keep an open mind and don’t lose patience—your dream house might just be a few showings away.


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