3 Small Businesses You Can Run From Home

Have you ever thought about running your own business? Do you love the idea of working from home and choosing your own hours and projects? Are you already at home and looking to take on a new challenge? Then this one’s for you as we share ideas for 3 small businesses you can run from home.

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Before you decide which business is right for you, have a think about two key things; your strengths and experience and your passions. You will want to have the right combination of these to be able to drive your business forward and grow it. Look for something that excites you and plays to your skills. 

Develop your side hustle 
Sometimes you are just in need of some fast cash and so you look into possible side hustles. You might try things like selling some of your clutter on eBay or offering babysitting services in a bid to make a little money quickly to help you out. Most of us have been there at some point, and some of us try things like this when we need some extra money to pay bills or save up for things.

After we have plugged the money gap, we carry on as we were, but sometimes it can be worth looking into developing your side hustle. For example, could you expand that babysitting service and offer more times, take on someone else to help you or expand into childminding? 

Sell your own products

There are so many ways that you can make money selling your own products now. You might be crafty and creative and can use platforms such as Etsy or your own website to reach people. You might want to give dropshipping a go, or perhaps you will buy in from wholesalers and sell on using auction sites or your own site. 

In addition to online sales, you could sell your own products face to face. Perhaps you have a talent for baking, or you can sew beautiful gifts. Look for fayres that you can promote yourself at and build up a reputation. 

You can reach out to potential customers through social media, writing your own blog, and of course, word of mouth. When selling, you might want to try this virtual pos system to help you to take payments easily and remotely. 

Freelance writing 

There are plenty of options with this one, from blogging to copywriting to writing for publications. This option works well as a home business as you often have a lot of autonomy with it. You can write during the morning or through the night, you can write in your living room or you can take yourself off to your local coffee shop and you can write in complete silence or with a house full of family and noise. 

If you have little experience of writing for others, it can help to start your own blog to act as something of a portfolio for you. You might want to make your blog your main focus and create an income from blogging or you might use it as a springboard to writing elsewhere.

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