3 Great Reasons To Keep Home Schooling Your Kids After Lockdown

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, we all retreated into our homes. And, suffice to say, it was a pretty steep learning curve for most of us. We had to learn to grapple with the logistics of doing our jobs from home. And, sure, all the studies say that you can be more productive at home. But the studies probably didn’t factor in having to placate and stimulate frustrated kids alongside doing your job full time. In lieu of being able to take their kids to school, parents began home schooling their kids. And it didn’t take them long to start to realize the benefits.


Image by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

Now lockdown restrictions have been lifted and most states are doing what they can to send the wheels of commerce back to their usual speed. Although some industries are finding it easier than others. And while President Trump has been very vocal about the importance of getting kids back in school, a growing number of parents are asking… why? 

Why send your kids back to school when you’ve seen how much home schooling can benefit them. Here are some very compelling reasons why you should continue to home school your kids even though national lockdown is no longer your reality…


You already have the skills and resources

You’ve invested time and effort into being an awesome teacher. You’ve invested in lesson plans and teaching resources- like these awesome (and free) lesson plans https://studentreasures.com/teachers-lounge/lesson-plans/fourth-grade/. You’ve gotten to know your child not just as your son or daughter but as a student. You’ve gotten a real hands-on understanding of how they learn, what motivates them and where their interests and passions lie. It seems such a shame to lose that momentum in their education. 


It’s potentially much safer

Why should we send our kids back to the petri dishes that are our schools? Why should we risk endangering their wellbeing? While historically fewer children have contracted the disease, we know that they can spread it everywhere they go, even if they remain asymptomatic. Home schooling your children can make a huge contribution to preventing the spread of the virus, helping to keep your family and your community safer.


You can tailor your kids learning to their needs and ambitions

Unlike most other countries, the USA doesn’t have a national curriculum. Giving home schooling parents a greater degree of autonomy and the ability to tailor their children’s learning to their needs and career goals. Of course, it’s still important to ensure that they have a grounded and holistic education that encompasses all the basics and helps them make a better informed understanding of where they want to specialize. But as your kids develop a clearer sense of where they want to go in their work and careers, you have the ability to tailor their curriculum to better suit their needs and ambitions. No more “one size fits all” approach to study, and no struggling for your child’s voice to be heard in a cohort of 30 or more.

When you think about it, returning to the status quo seems… kinda crazy if you have the time, the talent and the resources to home school! 

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