Walmart: FREE Pampers Diapers!!

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pampers baby dry

FREE Pampers Diapers!

Right now you can score a 44 count of Pampers diapers for FREE after cashback thanks to TopCashBack! This offer is for new members only! However,  TopCashBack doesn’t limit you to one account per household, so your spouse, parent, or child could signup to get this freebie if you already have an account.
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Julep:Pretty Spooky 4-Piece Happy Halloween Welcome Box – FREE to New Maven Subscribers

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Julep Hallooween offer

Create a killer Halloween look with Julep’s new Happy Halloween Welcome Box. This 4-piece box includes three can’t miss Halloween polishes and a gel eye glider. You can snag these spooky treats for FREE when you join Maven, Julep’s beauty box subscription – (just pay $2.99 shipping).

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Disney On Ice Let's Celebrate logo

Is coming to UTC McKenzie Arena- Chattanooga
Thursday, October 8 to Sunday, October 11

Many of you may have already noticed that Disney On ice Presents Let’s Celebrate! is coming to Chattanooga! A total of 5 lucky TCMS readers will win a family 4 pack of tickets to go see the show for themselves! This is the 5th and  final giveaway! Good Luck!

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Window Cat Bed {Review}

Disclosure: I received the following item for review purposes only. All opinions remain my own and weren’t influenced. My opinions may differ from others as well as those of the company.

elsa cat bed

Everyone that knows me, knows I’ve never been much of a cat person. However, My daughter got Elsa, our Siamese cat, a little over a year ago and while I wasn’t a fan- i can admit the cat has grown on me. Just a little… She loves looking out the window and often sits on our entertainment system in order to do so. We were thrilled when we came across this window cat bed and decided to give it a try for our Elsa.

2015-09-16 10.02.08 2015-09-16 10.02.31 2015-09-16 10.03.30

It arrived quickly and was well packaged. Upon opening the box, I found all the pieces needed for assembly as well as a user manual to help with assembly.The directions were clearly written and easy to understand.

2015-09-16 10.05.16 2015-09-16 10.09.28 2015-09-16 10.11.46 2015-09-16 10.15.09 2015-09-16 10.16.06

I began assembling the cat window bed  but ran into some troubles getting the plastic pipes through the slots in the bed.  I eventually got them to fit, but it took quite a bit of effort. However, it’s not impossible.  Once the pipes were inserted correctly, I velcroed the sides  and attached the suction cups by following the directions. 2 of the suction cups attach to the frame and 2 of them attach to the wires.  It took about 30 minutes total for assembly, start to finish.  Not too bad, but that could definitely be cut down if the pipes fit the slots better.

2015-09-16 10.16.38

Once it was assembled, we attached it to the window and placed our cat on it. The suction cups easily attached to the window securely and didn’t slip. She was happy and  felt around. A few minutes later she jumped back up and felt around again. She continues to do this for a day or two, but now she just gets up there and lays quietly. She loves feeling the warmth of the sun and being able to look outside. Plus, it gets her off the ground and away from the dog.

2015-09-16 10.14.05 2015-09-16 10.14.31

The window bed is well made and durable. the cords are strong and the bed hasn’t slipped or fallen during use. My cat is probably about 10lbs or so (totally guessing), but it holds her well and is durable.  I love that the top has a removable cushion. It simply Velcros to the bed, which makes it easy to take on and off for cleaning. My cat seems to be fond of the cushion and finds it more comfortable. She won’t lay on the bed if the cushion isn’t attached. I’ve also found it easy to un-suction the bottom two cups and lay it flat against the window when not in use so that my blinds can be put back down and curtains closed.  I love that it can moved from one window to the next when desired.

Overall, I am a huge fan of this window bed for our cat. It took a little effort to put together, but the effort was well worth it in the end. It’s peaceful and satisfying for our cat. It would make for a great present for a loved one or a great donation item to a local shelter.

*easy to use
*suctions to the window easily
*easy to clean
*easy to read/follow directions
*removable cushion

*takes a good amount of effort to put together (but it’s well worth it in the end)

Purchase it!
Hurry on over to amazon where you can score your very own window cat  bed for only $35+ FREE shipping!

Brieftons Large Food Chopper {Review}

Disclosure: I received the following item for review purposes only. All opinions remain my own and weren’t influenced. My opinions may differ from others as well as those of the company.

2015-09-15 18.36.44

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love cooking. My kitchen, while not as big as I’d like it to be, is my favorite spot in the house. It’s where I feel most comfortable and some of my best work comes from it. I’m always looking for the hottest new kitchen gadgets and this food chopper from Brieftons is simply amazing! It definitely holds a top 5 spot for me as far as my favorite kitchen gadgets goes.

2015-09-15 18.38.37 2015-09-15 18.40.31

The chopper arrived quickly and was well packaged. Upon opening the package I found the chopper, an owner manual, a chopping blade, and a mixer blade as well. I immediately opened the owner manual and was surprised that the inside was blank.  The front and back have writing but  the inside was blank. I found that odd, but it didn’t bother me too much. I figured the chopper was simple enough to figure out on my own.

2015-09-15 18.40.45 2015-09-15 18.41.09

The chopper features a large bowl with a locking lid. I love that the lid locks in place so that no veggies escape while you are chopping.  The green and white color is nice and will match almost any kitchen. It also features two different types of blades, which are easy to put in. There’s a  small  notch at the bottom of the chopper that the blades center down on to keep them in place while in use.

2015-09-15 18.42.16 2015-09-15 18.42.56

I’ve used both of the blades and found them to be equally useful.One is a chopping blade. It has 3 different, evenly spaced slicers to make sure you get the perfect chop each and every time. It also offers 2 plastic blades (one at the top and one at the bottom) that help rotate the food being chopped.  The second blade is a mixing blade.  I’ve found this one to be helpful when making eggs or when mixing a small amount of  baking ingredients. I’ve also used it to mix seasonings and spices evenly.

2015-09-15 18.45.02 2015-09-15 18.43.09

Using the chopper is very easy! Simply choose which blade you need and insert it, add your ingredients, lock the lid in place, and pull the green lever until your ingredients reach the consistency you want. It’s that easy! Plus, the chopper doesn’t require much effort either!

2015-09-16 19.08.15
I’ve used it to chop nuts, veggies, fruit, and so much more! I especially love chopping onions in it because there’s no tears involved! Make salsa,  gumbo, and so much more in the matter of no time with this chopper! Plus, cleanup is easy too! It only has a few pieces and they all come apart very easy. You can hand wash it or you can place it in the dishwasher (top-rack) as well. I highly recommend it to anyone who spends any amount of time ( no matter how big or small) in the kitchen. It’s wonderful.

*easy to use
*holds a good amount of veggies
* two blades included
*dishwasher safe
* get the consistency that you want

*owner manual was blank
Purchase it!
Hurry on over to Amazon where you can pick up your own Brieftons Large Food Chopper for $18.49+ Free shipping on orders of $35+.

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