Simple Dress: Top Prom Dress Styles of 2018!

Prom is coming up quickly and online dress shopping makes it so much easier and stress free. Online shopping cuts out the chaos of waiting in lines, visiting multiple stores, and not finding the right size.  Simple Dress is my one stop shop for all things prom! It’s well organized, offers a variety of sizes, and is easy to shop.

This two piece pink and black dress is to die for! It’s stylish, trendy, and  stunning! I love the color combination and the attention to detail. The beading paired with satin is to die for! This dress screams confidence and can be worn for many occasions.

Floral dresses have totally set a new trend that makes a statement.  I’ve always thought of my childhood dresses when I think of floral, but these stunning dresses have changed my view! Who knew floral could be so in style  and fun!

Off the shoulder dresses have always been one of my absolute favorites! They are stunning, sexy, and have so much to offer! I love that they are stylish, comfortable, and don’t restrict movement.  This stylish light blue dress is  amazing! It offers layers upon layers of style and the beaded top is absolutely stunning. I love that it makes a statement, but that it can also be worn for an evening out, dinner date, or formal event.

This chic grey ball gown is to die for! I love the dark grey color and the tulle base. It’s fitting, restriction free, and full of bold style.  It screams fun, outgoing, confident, and in the know. Ball gown style dresses have always been among my favorites, but this dress takes my favorite to a whole new level.

Sparkly dresses are among the favorite of many. They are flashy, gain attention,  and scream confidence.  The way the light hits the dress, the way the dress flows, the  attention to detail given, and the form fitting off the shoulder style makes  you speechless.

Another style that I really like is dresses with sleeves! It doesn’t have to be over the top or offer tons of lacy detail, but sleeves are totally in!   There’s elbow length sleeves, long sleeves, short sleeves, etc.  I prefer elbow length sleeves or long sleeves. I love sleeves with detail, but I don’t want them to be overly detailed or too lacy. Afterall, we don’t want to snag them on anything.  Sleeves also help keep you warm on chilly nights too, which is a huge plus.


Simple Dress offers some of the Top Prom Dresses of the year! There’s a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to choose from.  I highly recommend it as your one stop shop for all of your prom needs!

If I Live By Terri Blackstock {Book Review}

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review. All opinions remain my own and weren’t influenced. My opinions may differ from those of others as well as the author/publisher. Some of the links on the following page are “affiliate links” and I may be compensated if you click on these links.



Casey Cox is still on the run after being indicted for murder. The hunt that began with her bloody footprints escalates, and she’s running out of places to hide. Her face is all over the news, and her disguises are no longer enough. It’s only a matter of time before someone recognizes her.

Dylan Roberts, the investigator who once hunted her, is now her only hope. Terrifying attempts on Dylan’s life could force Casey out of hiding. The clock is ticking on both their lives, but exposing the real killers is more complicated than they knew. Amassing the evidence to convict their enemies draws Dylan and Casey together, but their relationship has consequences. Will one life have to be sacrificed to protect the other?

With If I Live, Terri Blackstock takes us on one more heart-stopping chase in the sensational conclusion to the If I Run series.

My Thoughts!

I’ve heard great things about Terri Blackstock and her work.  Rumor has it she has an amazing ability to draw readers in, take them on an emotional roller coaster, and leaves readers wanting more.  I must admit, that’s no small task- but the rumors are true! Blackstock pulled me in from the beginning. It’s a steady paced book that has so much to offer. It sucks you into a  whole new world full of well developed, relatable characters.  The story flowed well and kept my attention throughout. I loved the emotional roller coaster! That truly excited me! I loved that this book stood on its own well and I  didn’t feel like I had totally missed out by not reading the first two  in the series. I do plan to read the first two now though because this one was phenomenal! I highly recommend this read!

Purchase It!


Hurry on over to Amazon to grab this book! *Remember that Amazon pricing is subject to change at any time with or without notice.  Please double check pricing before purchasing.

Responsibilities That Come With Owning A Home

Image Source: Photo of the exterior of a beautiful home


Owning your own home is a very big accomplishment. People grow up dreaming and working super hard to be able to have the right circumstances to buy a house. That’s the goal for a lot of people – it’s on the list of having a family and getting married. Having your own home means that you’ve made it – you’re officially an adult. A homeowner. One with new responsibilities. And while this is truly exciting, there is a lot that goes into it.


A home is most likely one of the biggest investments you’ll ever have to put money towards, so knowing how to properly do things is very important, otherwise you may find yourself dealing with situations that you don’t quite understand, and that can always end up leaving you with some problems.



Like anything, there comes a time where something will break, and you’ll need to get it fixed, as when you’re the homeowner – it’s your responsibility because there is no landlord to go to anymore. While some things don’t need immediate attention, other things do. Even if you don’t think it’s essential, like a loose handrail for example. You may not think it’s a big deal, but this could quite easily cause an accident if you’re using it while walking down the stairs. So anything you notice that needs to be tweaked, fixed, or replaced – get it sorted.



Property tax is something that you are expected to pay when you own a home. It’s just one other bill that comes and goes. Sometimes though, things can get a little overwhelming and your financial situation may get a little rocky without no fault of your own. If your circumstances have changed, then you might greatly benefit from writing a Property Tax Hardship Letter to the government agency who deals with these affairs, and just explain to them in short what your current situation is looking like, and how you both could benefit from making a new solution.



Let’s talk gardens. You may have never had one before now that you could call your own. Gardens are a lovely place to sit and clear your head after a long busy day at work. Basking in the sun with a nice drink to calm you down. But you’re the one that is expected to keep it looking in tip-top condition. Failure to do this and it will turn into an overgrown jungle that is craving some love. You don’t have to be the next best gardener, but brushing up on some green-thumbed skills will give you the ability to keep everything looking pretty and alive. And what better time than any to ensure you do this so by summer, you have a perfect safe haven.


These are just a few examples of some of the basic responsibilities that come with having your own home. The more you get used to them, the easier you’ll be able to manage it all.


How To Stay Stress And Anxiety Free When It Comes To Money

Stress and anxiety comes in all shapes and forms, and can be triggered by many different causes. One of the main reasons for people suffering with stress and anxiety is through money worries, and as you can imagine it’s not always necessarily an easy problem to solve, especially if you don’t have the funds or means to get yourself out of debt. Money worries can also be sprung even if you’re not in debt. This can happen if you have an unexpected expense to pay for like your car breaking down, or even an essential appliance in your home needing to be repaired or replaced. Even those who are extremely money conscious have worries about money, and here are a few tips on how to settle your worries so that you can live a stress and anxiety free life.


First and foremost you need to get your finances in order. There are many people around the world who tend to handle their money through approximation. This can all too easily lead to miscalculating what you have in there; therefore getting yourself into unnecessary debt. To get your finances in order you must head to your bank and find out exactly what goes out and when it goes out so that you can mark it down on calendar. Once you have done this you will be able to ensure that there is always enough money in the bank to pay for the necessities. A great way of staying on top of your money even more is to set yourself reminders to check that the amount has gone out of your bank account when it was supposed to. This will allow you to also make sure that the right amount has gone out and that you’ve not been over charged.


So what happens when unexpected bills arrive on our doorstep? It can be very difficult to find large funds in short spaces of time, especially if the money you earn only just pays the bills. If you find yourself in a situation like this, it might be time to look at hard money lenders, who can lend you you required amount of money to get yourself back on track. When you’re applying for a loan, it’s always important to make sure that the repayments are going to be affordable for you, else you will end up in a worse situation than you’re already in.


Finally, if you’re worried about not having enough money in the bank for a rainy day, then you should be thinking about some sort of saving scheme. Even if you can’t save hundreds each month, every little bit that you save will soon mount up to a nice amount to keep your mind at rest. Many banks offer a change saver for their customers, which involves rounding up each spend to the nearest whole number and saving that amount in a separate account. You will find that at the end of each month that you have a tasty little amount saved up!


Monster Jam Takes Over Chattanooga On Saturday, April 14th!!!

Rise Up Chattanooga! It’s Monster Jam time!

Chattanooga, TN – UTC McKenzie Arena
April 14, 2018 @1 PM
April 14, 2018 @ 7PM


There’s nothing quite as exciting as the roar of a super loud engine,the kick up of dirt, and the crazy crowd that accompanies these Monster Sized trucks! Monster Jam is among our favorite live events to attend and this year is no exception! Each member of my family has their own favorite truck and it’s total silence if our favorites compete against each other.

Approximately 12 feet tall and about 12 feet wide, Monster Jam trucks are custom-designed machines that sit atop 66-inch-tall tires and weigh a minimum of 10,000 pounds. Built for short, high-powered bursts of speed, Monster Jam trucks generate 1,500 to 2,000 horsepower and are capable of speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. Monster Jam trucks can fly up to 125 to 130 feet (a distance greater than 14 cars side by side) and up to 35 feet in the air. Each truck offers a custom paint job that is out of this world!

The drivers are well trained and perform some of the most amazing tricks and stunts you will ever get to see.  Drivers come from all walks of life, but their love for fearless jumps, wheelies,  and donuts make them all one big family. The driver’s safety is a priority and they are totally protected inside the trucks.  They have specially-constructed roll cages, seats molded to their shape, a five-point harness, and much more!

Hurry and get your tickets today! You don’t want to miss out on all the jumps, stunts, and car crushing action!

Truck/Driver Lineup:

Double Trouble driven by Tyler Groth


Grave Digger driven by Krysten Anderson


Hooked driven by Bryan Wright


Jester driven by Matt Pagliarulo


Mutant driven by Coty Saucier 


Slinger driven by Scott Hartsock


Stone Crusher driven by Steve Sims


Trouble Maker driven by Travis Groth


April 14,2018 @1 PM  (Pit Party:10:30AM – 12:00PM)
April 14, 2018 @ 7PM

*The Party in the Pits takes place on April 14th from 10:30 Am- 12PM and  gives fans the opportunity to get a view of the trucks up close and meet the drivers of the massive Monster Jam trucks. *please note- the pit party pass is separate from the show admission ticket.

Purchase Tickets:

Purchase your tickets by visiting TicketTracks, by phone at 423-266-6627, or at the McKenzie arena box office to watch all of the action live from the stands.  Ticket pricing starts at $20.

*With the purchase of $69.95 on contacts or eyeglasses at participating America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses receive one free ticket to the Saturday event.


Monster Jam Website
Monster Jam Facebook
Monster Jam Twitter
Monster Jam Instagram
Monster Jam Youtube


Giveaway info coming soon 🙂


What Are The Most Common Financial Regrets Of The Older Generations?

Image source: Find financial stability by learning from your elders


In life, we can learn a lot from appreciating the mistakes of our elders. This is especially true when it comes to money, not least because a strong financial standing changes your whole world.


Managing most of those aspects is a lot easier in the digital age than in previous generations too. So take note of these issues to keep yourself on the road to success. The future of your financial health may depend on it.


#1. Not Investing


If your job pays enough money to lead the life that you wish to lead, that’s great. For most people, though, an increase in personal wealth would be highly welcomed. Only you can make it happen.


Pension schemes and savings accounts are fine. However, nobody wants to look back in later life with the feeling that they missed out on an opportunity. These three ideas are all great ways to grow your personal wealth. Frankly, this could be the key to securing your family’s future.


Alternatively, you could simply invest in yourself to secure a better job. One way or another, increased earnings can only be a good thing.


#2. Wasting Money


There’s nothing wrong with spending money in this life. However, a lot of people reach their senior years only to realize that they wasted cash on the wrong things. Priorities are key.


Different people have varying ideas about what items are worth spending big money on. Whatever the situation might be, though, getting the best deals is key. From finding cheaper home insurance and energy bills to getting better deals on fashion choices, all savings are positive.


Whether you spend that extra cash elsewhere or put it towards your savings doesn’t matter. It’s got to be better than wasting it, especially after you’ve worked so hard to get it.


#3. Accepting Mistreatments


Remaining financially stable is difficult at the best of times, but there will always be people that create new hurdles. Bowing down in those situations is something many people later regret.


Those scenarios can range from work to poor treatment from shops. Getting the payments and products you deserve is key. Another issue is when someone tries to put the blame on you after a car crash. An auto accident lawyer stops you being taken for a ride. You owe yourself that justice.


In many cases, it’s the principle rather than the financial factors that truly matter. Learning to fight your battles is essential.


#4. Allowing It To Be Everything


Given everything else that has been said above, this might come as a little bit of a surprise. But money isn’t everything!


Ultimately, money is supposed to let you enjoy a better quality of life. So, don’t be afraid to take holidays or treat yourself to the things that you love. After all, you can’t take that cash with you to the next life. Creating great memories is the best use of money that could ever exist.


Essentially, money should be respected but not feared. Find that balance, and everything will feel far brighter.


Practical Ways To Handle Your Stress

Stress manifests from various areas in life, and the way that it presents itself also differs from person to person. At some point in life, stress is going to be a factor. It’s an inevitability, like taxes and death. Incidentally, both of those things are usually a cause of raised stress levels! Stress can walk all over us unless we make a point of taking action and getting a handle on it ourselves.

Coping with stress is one thing, but minimising it has to be your priority. You’ll never truly be able to eliminate it, especially as it’s ever present through life in different ways, but there are things that you can do to help yourself.

Image Source

Figure The Where. Before you can combat your stress, you have to work out where it’s coming from. Money is one of the biggest causes of stress in most people; whether they have it or not, it’s stressful! If you have a lot of wealth, the stress comes from where to invest it. If you are struggling and buried under a cloud of debt, trying to work out how to manage your debt consolidation can cause you raised stress levels. Pinpointing which stressor is causing you the most aggravation is the way that you can move onto how to reduce it.

Figure The Why. Why are you stressed? Is it the situation you are in financially, or the consequences of your own financial choices? Is it because you can’t see a way out, or because you haven’t asked? Understanding how you can regain control over your life is a good way to ensure that you can manage your stress levels correctly. If it’s your job that is stressing you out, work out which part of your job is making you feel pressured, and talk to someone about it.

Figure The How. Once you work out where in your life is stressing you out and why, you can work out how to get yourself out of the situation. Don’t be afraid to take hold of your life and make it work. You can find a hobby and make it work properly for you so that you can reduce the stress and burn energy while you do it!

Figure The What. What is it that would make your life feel less stressed? Would it be hiring in new help for your business, or would it be making more time for yourself? Once you have understood what could make life easier for you, you will find it far easier to grab the solution with both hands and reduce the stress that appears in your life.

Take the time to understand your stress before you combat it. You cannot fight something that you don’t see or recognise. All you will end up doing is fighting against a ghost, and your stress needs to be stopped, reduced and managed so that you can live a far happier and healthier life. Money, family, work; it doesn’t matter the cause, all that matters is how you manage it.


How to Help Your Teenager Overcome the Trauma After a Car Accident

Young drivers are more likely to get involved in car accidents, and in some cases, they are traumatized, and don’t want to get behind the wheel anymore. If your teen suffered injuries and keeps on blaming himself, even if they were not at fault, there are a few things you can do to help them recover physically and mentally, so they can get back to driving, learn from their mistakes, and carry on with their lives. Find a few tips below.



Image via PxHere

Get Rehabilitation

Whether it is stress, anxiety, or mobility issues your teen is struggling with, after they leave the hospital or medical center, you can get advice on rehabilitation after an accident. The doctor will provide you with the list of injuries your teenager has suffered, and a long term care plan that will help you help them. From support groups to physiotherapy, sports, or educational courses, there are several effective interventions available.

Talk about It

Even if your teen doesn’t want to talk about their issues, you will need to find a way to help them overcome their emotions. They might feel like they let you down, or be worried that you don’t trust them any more. Make sure that you show them that you stand by them, and support them all the way. The more you find out about the accident the better you can help them deal with the emotional aspects of the trauma.

Deal with the Legal Aspects

If you simply let the guilty driver get away with causing injuries for your child, you will not show that you are standing by your family. Make sure that you consult with a legal professional and find out whether you are able to claim compensation for the accident and the trauma. Find out the average settlement for herniated disc and help your teenager make their case, so they can put the events behind them, and move on with their lives.

Get them Advanced Driving Lessons

Image via Pixabay


To help them get their confidence back, you might encourage your teen to take an advanced driving course that will help them deal with unexpected and dangerous situations better in the future. Find a patient advanced driving instructor and take your teen out in the car as much as you can. They will be able to feel safer, and might benefit from lower insurance rates, too.

Get Counseling

If your teenager has difficulties concentrating or sleeping, and has developed anxiety, you will need to talk to a mental health professional. Different types of therapy can help them deal with the effects of the accident, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and group therapy. Make sure that all mental health issues are addressed before they get back behind the wheel.


When your teenager is involved in a car accident, you might feel like keeping them home for a while. However, you need to help them overcome the anxiety and the mental health issues, to make sure they will become safe and confident drivers in the future.


Chloe Flavor By Chloe Coscarelli {Book Review}

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review. All opinions remain my own and weren’t influenced. My opinions may differ from those of others as well as the author/publisher. Some of the links on the following page are “affiliate links” and I may be compensated if you click on these links.


Chef Chloe Coscarelli has revolutionized how vegans cook and eat with exciting, plant-based recipes that are fun, full of flavor, and make you feel healthier. When she decided to become a vegan chef, she dreamed of changing the way the world ate. This was in the “pre-kale” days, when veggie burgers were frozen, tasteless patties loathed by the general public and if a vegan wanted to eat, well, then she had to cook! Today, corner stores stock their shelves with almond milk and mainstream restaurants pepper their menus with quinoa, tempeh, chia seeds, faro, ramps, and so many variations of avocado toast. There is truly no better time to love to eat than now—and no easier time to be a vegan.

Chloe believes the most delicious dishes come from plant-based ingredients, and has debunked the myth that vegan cooking is bland and visually unenticing. Enter: CHLOE FLAVOR. Every recipe here is bold in taste, loud in color, unabashedly unique, and, above all, easy to make. With dishes like Smoky Grits & Greens, Mango-Guacamole Crunch Burgers, and Sea Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies, this food is for fun, friends, and family—and it’s all about the flavor. Vegans will delight in Chloe’s creations and carnivores won’t miss the meat one bit.


My Thoughts!

We recently went vegan and it’s been a life changer. I’ve been  searching for new recipes to try and this book is FULL of delicious, easy to follow recipes. The book starts with a little introduction  and a story of why Chloe went vegan.  It also includes a list of basic vegan ingredients that you’ll want to keep on hand.

Most of the recipes are paired with a  gorgeous full color photo, which always seems to make them sound more appetizing to me.  I also like that the recipes note when it’s gluten free as well, which is always super helpful for those with  food allergies. We’ve found several of these recipes have  blown us away and we can’t  wait to try more!  My daughter loves the vegan goldfish crackers recipe. It was super easy to follow and makes for the perfect on the go snack and lunch addition for my daughter.

I highly recommend this amazing  vegan cook book!

Purchase It!

Hurry on over to Amazon to grab this book! *Remember that Amazon pricing is subject to change at any time with or without notice.  Please double check pricing before purchasing.

A Wrinkle In Time Hits Theaters March 9!


As a child my favorite book was Bridge To Terabithia.  I remember falling in love with it from the very beginning and it was a book that really stuck out to me all of my life. I was beyond excited when they turned it into a movie. It’s a classic read that  is full of raw emotion that I now get to share with my child as she has just begun reading the book. I can’t wait until she finishes so we can watch the movie together too. I know she is bound to love it as much as I do! Speaking of great books turned movies, check out A Wrinkle in Time!

From visionary director Ava DuVernay comes Disney’s “A Wrinkle in Time,” an epic adventure based on Madeleine L’Engle’s timeless classic that takes audiences across dimensions of time and space, examining the nature of darkness versus light, good versus evil and, ultimately, the triumph of love.


Oprah Winfrey is Mrs. Which and Storm Reid is Meg Murry in Disney’s A WRINKLE IN TIME.

The film stars Reese Witherspoon, Oprah, Mindy Kaling, Chris Pine, and Storm Reid as “Meg Murry.”

Watch It!

A Wrinkle In Time is in theaters March 9, 2018!


Storm Reid is Meg Murry and Levi Miller is Calvin O’Keefe in Disney’s A WRINKLE IN TIME, an epic adventure based on Madeleine L’Engle’s timless classic directed by Ava DuVernay.