The Benefits of Having an Emergency Fund

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If you’re serious about looking after your finances, there is one thing that you absolutely must not neglect to do – build up an emergency fund. Why? Because having an emergency fund will make all of your financial decisions and hardships much easier to deal with.

Here are just some of the biggest benefits of having an emergency fund for you to consider:

You won’t need to rely on credit

Once you’ve built up your emergency fund to a decent level, you won’t have to worry so much about those unexpected expenses like the car breaking down on the washing machine giving up the ghost. Instead of having to use credit to pay for these kinds of financial emergencies, you will be able to use your savings to get what you need, which means you won’t have to pay interest on top of the original expense – something which can quickly see your finances spiral if you aren’t careful.

It’ll give you breathing space

What would you do if you were say, injured at work, and could no longer earn a living? Sure a good personal injury lawyer may be able to get you a settlement but that takes time. Or, what would you do if you got sick and couldn’t afford the medical bills that weren’t covered by your insurance policy? If you have an emergency fund in place, you would have some breathing space. You’d be able to cover you4 expenses, at least for a while, until a better solution was worked out, Without an emergency fund, you would struggle and suffer unnecessarily.

You can earn interest

If you start saving into an emergency fund, be sure to save in a bank account that offers a decent interest rate. That way, you can not only ensure that you have a buffer in place to protect you against any financial emergencies, but you will also be able to actually make money. Sure, interest rates aren’t amazing right now, but you’d be surprised how soon it all adds up, especially if you keep adding to your emergency fund regularly over the years. Just make sure that you choose an account where your money can be instantly accessed. Sure, you probably won’t get as much interest as you could, but you need to be able to access that money when an emergency happens, or what is the point of building an emergency fund at all?

Getting loans will be easier

If you do need to access more money that you have in your emergency fund, you may still find it useful. Why? Because already having savings in the bank often lowers your risk factor when banks are considering whether to lend to you. By having a decent sum already put aside, they are far more likely to improve any lines of credit you do need than if your account only has a few dollars in it.

For your own peace of mind and the security of your family finances, start building an emergency fund now.

Buying A Property In A New Area

Whether you’re looking at overseas property or buying a property in a new state, it can be challenging to navigate an unfamiliar property market. In this blog post, we will provide crucial advice and tips on securing a mortgage and choosing an estate agent.

Securing a mortgage

No matter what applies, you may need to arrange a mortgage so that you are able to purchase an apartment or house. There are several different options you have at your disposal, so we’re going to take a look at some of the most common ones. 

A lot of homeowners re-mortgage their current property in order to purchase one overseas or in a new state. This is not an ideal solution for everyone. It depends on your current credit rating, how much of your existing mortgage you have paid off, and, of course, the interest rates at the time you apply. 

Another option is to arrange an overseas mortgage. This is a recommended choice for most seeking property overseas. You simply need to choose an estate agency that can help you with this, as this will make the process a lot easier. You may be able to benefit from much lower mortgage rates if you arrange one in the country of purchase. 

Finally, you could borrow money from a bank in the U.S. to purchase a property in another country or within the United States. There are a lot of banks that have an international mortgage service. Nevertheless, it is likely that your bank will only offer you a mortgage if they have offices set up in the country in question.

Questions To Ask When Choosing A Real Estate Company

You need to find the ideal estate agency as well. Read on to discover some questions to ask them while on your property search.

What type of property do you have available? 

Let’s begin with the most obvious question, you will need to enquire about the type of property they have. You don’t want to choose a company if you are only going to have a limited selection at your disposal. 

How much does your service cost?

Some companies help buyers to make their costs go further with the likes of a home buyer rebate, meaning you get some of their commission! 

Do you have a lot of experience in this area? 

It is vital to choose a company that as a lot of expertise in the area you want to purchase a property, as they will be able to provide you with the specialist knowledge you need to make the best decision during the buying process. 

Can you help me to secure a mortgage? 

If you need finance to help you complete the purchase of an apartment, you should choose a company that is going to be able to handle this for you. It will make it much easier and more convenient. 

Can I see some of the testimonials that have been left by your previous customers?

 If they are reluctant to show you these, you have to wonder why. The best estate agencies will have received glowing reviews from those that have used their services before, and so they should be more than happy to showcase their testimonials.

Ways to Invest Your Money From Your Own Home

If you want to make money online, there are many ways of making it happen. And it’s no surprise that so many people are doing this nowadays. People like the idea of earning more without even having to leave their home, and how who can blame them? Investing your home is the ideal way to do this and you can find lots of investment strategies to choose from. Here are some of the very best ways to invest your money from your own home.

Find Promising Startups to Invest In

The first option to consider is investing in startups. For quite a few years now, this has been a popular way to invest, and its potential doesn’t seem likely to diminish anytime soon. You don’t have to be a venture capitalist to do it either. There are lots of platforms that let you read about start up ideas and invest in them if you feel they have a future that you want to be a part of, or at least have a financial stake in.

Use Apps to Learn Small Scale Stock Market Trading

Using apps to learn about stock market trading is a great way for beginners to get started. Apps like Robinhood have taken the world by storm for good reason. They make it simple and streamlined to invest your money in businesses of all kinds, and you can start very small. You don’t have to be investing large sums.

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Trade Cryptocurrencies

One way of investing that’s very popular at the moment is with cryptocurrencies. It’s important to have an understanding of cryptocurrencies and how they function so you can make informed trades and not fall into the traps that many beginners do. Researching the basics such as how your profits are taxed is important too, understanding things like the Crypto 1099 form will be essential if you’re going to avoid problems later.

Let an Investment Manager Invest for You

If you want to invest but don’t feel ready or willing to do the investing work yourself, that’s totally fine. Going it alone as a novice is certainly a risky way forward. And it can make a lot more sense for you to hire an investment manager who can do this stuff for you instead. They’ll do the hard work and you’ll simply pay them to do it.

Invest in Your Own Skills

Investing doesn’t have to be about putting money into something and getting more back; at least not directly. You could invest some money in your own skills and learn something new from home. This might help you to earn more money by enabling you to take that next step up in your career.

There’s no silver bullet easy way to make money without leaving your home. But there certainly are plenty of options, such as the ones discussed above, that will enable you to make money if you take the time to learn the ropes and use the right techniques. It’ll take some effort but you can get there.