Living in front of a lake view is the dream of every second person. Lakefront properties offer many attractive features whether you are buying it as a primary residential property or just a weekend gateway. It’s a great place to seek peace and escape the noise and stress of the city.

But, there are some points that you should keep in mind while buying a lake house, let’s explore them:

  1. Look for the right agent: Lakehouse properties are not easy to be built. Between the structural issue, title issue and the way that market looks at these properties, many agents can’t help you effectively through the process. A real estate agent must be specialized so that he can help you with your every possible query, details about the property and how to achieve your dream house. Here we have lakehouse 17 that offers you a beautiful lake house which lets you have the visual appeal of living with nature, spending time in proximity to water which can have a positive and calming effect on your mind.
  2. Location: Location is the most important thing to look even if you are not buying a house inland. If you are buying lake house as a primary house, watch out for the distance of the school, work, hospitals or clinics, and needful amenities like supermarkets or other offices. Proximity is important to save your time and you also wish to have reasonable access to these services.
  3. Inside-out of the property: You should be sure about all the extra advantage you will have other than fresh air and a beautiful lake view. Get to know about what kind of interior you will be having. A home inspection is also important if it is not done before, just to be sure about the maintenance period and critical information about the condition of your house.
  4. Choose your house: While looking for your house, you will come across the different types of plans and layouts of the house. Choose your house according to your lifestyle. There are few builders who provide you luxury houses with all the amenities, like luxury rowhomes in sloan’s lake. They have all types of houses from one bedroom house to 3 bedroom house and row homes. They’ve kept it natural with a touch of luxury and technology.
  5. Additional or hidden expense: Lakefront properties may carry some additional charges that buyers might not be aware of like some sports activities, water and sewer charges might be more than the inland properties. Septic systems for lakefront properties can be a constant issue for the owners. It is to be checked regularly to ensure the lake isn’t being polluted. Replacing an old septic tank may be expensive.

When you go to visit the property, find out all about the lake and lakeshore. Sit with your agent and talk about the hazards disclosures or any flood history of the area. Lakeside living can be a dream come true for buyers, but these points must be considered before buying as purchasing real estate isn’t easy.

Skylight Digital Photo Frame Review

We share photos more now than we ever have. It’s so easy and convenient to post pictures online and social media has really changed the game because we can now upload photos and connect with others, regardless of how many miles apart we are. It’s brilliant.

However, that leaves those without social media feeling left out. Once upon a time we’d purchase a digital photo frame and upload pictures to it so that we could send it to family members. It made a great gift, but before you knew it the pictures were outdated and it became just another frame sitting on the shelf or in a closet somewhere.

The Skylight Digital Photo Frame is a total game changer! It’s an upgraded and sleek version of the digital photo frame we once loved, but grew to hate. It’s easy to use, offers a beautiful picture display, and is super easy to keep updated. We can now send grandma the pictures from the game, school party, birthday, or playground in the matter of seconds and it’s hassle free!

Set up is super easy and takes only a few seconds. Once it’s set up loved ones can upload pictures to the digital frame by sending them to the designated email address. Once sent the pictures will upload to the frame for your loved one to view. The photos show as a slideshow, but can be set as a static photo as well. The frame offers 8GB of memory so it can hold over 8,000 photos!

I love that the whole family can come together to build up the photo collection on the frame. It ensures that grandma can see all of her grandbabies with one frame. Don’t limit the frame to grandma though! This frame is perfect for everyone, regardless of age or social media presence. It’s truly the hottest thing since sliced bread. You can check out a video on Skylight on FOX or read about Skylight on WIRED.

Purchase it!

This is such a great addition to any home and it also makes for the perfect gift as well. Grab yours today and make sure to use the Skylight Frame Discount Code to save a little hard earned cash while you’re at it!

4 Facts About Bed Bugs You Must Know

This world is full of strange creatures and places. It is necessary for us to understand and learn about some of these creatures that we may harm us at some point in our lives. A bed bug is one such strange bug that can harm us.  

Many people do not know much about them and hence how to get rid of them. They do not know how to identify and eradicate them. These bugs can cause a lot of problem for us. They prefer living on the corners of the mattress and can cause some nuisance to us.

It is true that they do not cause any deadly disease. But, they can surely cause various other problems like irritation and sleep disorders. Below listed are some of the facts about bed bugs.

1.The Origin Of The Name

Yes, a bed bug got the name because we can mainly spot one on a bed. But, you are entirely wrong if you think that you can find them only on the mattresses. You can also spot these insects on other furnishings in the house or office space. It means you can also spot them on flights, hotels, couches and in other public places.

2.Appearance And Other Details

Bed bugs have an oval-shaped body, and they can grow up to a 1/4 of an inch. They have a rusty brown color, and once they suck the blood from us, they tend to turn to red color.

These pests do not have any wings. But, they do have six legs which they use to move swiftly from one place to another. These bugs also have an antenna.

3.Their Food And Habitat

They mainly feed on blood they suck from humans or other warm-blooded animals. But, their primary target is humans as we do not have furs like animals. It is easy for them to suck blood from us than the animals.

Before they feed on us, they first inject their saliva on our skin. It helps the blood not to get clot, and it also makes a person feel anesthetic. It means their victims will not be able to identify the bed bugs when bitten. The good part is that they do not spread any disease. But their bites can make you feel itchy and the bitten area can swell and turn red.

Besides, finding them on the bed, you can also spot them in crevices or cracks. Hence, you need to be very careful. If you notice one, you should immediately seek help from a reputed Boise bed bug control company.

4.Ways To Prevent Them

It is wise to check the bed in a hotel before taking the room. If you do this, you can avoid bed bugs coming to your home. Carrying a flashlight with you is wise as you can check for the bed bugs all around the space that you are going to stay. It is wise to get your clothes washed right after you return from the trip. You should also wash clothes that you did not use.

If you find one, consult a professional pest control company and get rid of them as soon as you can.